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5 Best Quiet Ceiling Fans (With Light) for Your Bedroom

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Looking for the best quiet ceiling fan for your home can be hard — especially when you don’t know which brands to trust.

Most standard ceiling fans come with powerful ceiling fan motors that create a strong breeze, BUT, it creates noise that might be too loud for your comfort in the bedroom.

You might be wondering: Is it even possible to have quieter ceiling fans in the first place? The answer is YES!

You’d be happy to know that a quiet ceiling fan can provide great air circulation in your room without making any sound.

Best Value for Money
Emerson CF860PT Protruding Mount
Best Overall
Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan
Best Budget Pick
Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Ceiling Fan
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The Top Whisper Quiet Ceiling Fans for Your Bedroom

To save you time from researching, we’ve listed down the quietest ceiling fan models worth getting your hands on.

These quiet ceiling fans make a soothing humming noise, like a whisper in the wind even at its strongest speed!

1. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best Overall

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan 2

The Hunter Ceiling Fan is a sophisticated-looking quiet ceiling fan with a traditional pull chain control. It’s best for indoor use — such as a bedroom ceiling fan — due to its Dust Armor nanotechnology.

Key Features

This ceiling fan features a reversible three-speed wind technology for its blade design. Through this, you can control the direction of the fan blades for stronger air circulation indoors.

It comes with a 13-degree blade pitch that ushers a balanced air movement. This allows quiet operation for its blades even at the fastest speed setting!

It’s easy to operate the Hunter Fan — you only have to turn it on using pull chains. It’s used to power the fan, and adjust its speed settings. This is also a DOWNSIDE because it doesn’t have remote control functionality.

Material Design

Design-wise, the Hunter Fan has a homey appeal that looks good in bedrooms and living areas. This unit also comes in different color finishes to blend with your ceiling accent.

It has a lighting fixture in the center that’s encased in an elegant marble glass. It’s good to use in rooms that need lighting such as your home office.

The fan also features a 52-inch blade span available in Brazilian cherry, harvest mahogany, and snow white. These color options give a warm and homey feeling to your room.


The Hunter Fan comes with a multi-purpose function, which can be used for lighting. It’s built with 6.5-Watt LED bulbs that are energy-efficient. You can also adjust its lighting levels to your preferred dimness.

Its blades are coated with Dust Armor nanotechnology, protecting the fan from dirt build-up. 

With this, its blades are very durable and easy to maintain. It’s also most ideal to use as a bedroom ceiling fan.

A key feature of this LED ceiling fan is its mounting flexibility. Depending on the ceiling type you have, you can mount the fan either standard, low, or angled.

If you prefer a fan that balances a classic look with quiet performance, the Hunter is the best and quietest ceiling fan for you!


  • Reversible three-speed blades
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Dust Armor nanotechnology coating for blades
  • Adjustable LED light for low energy consumption


  • Manual operation using pull chains

2. kathy ireland HOME Luray Eco 60-Inch Ceiling Fan

Best Value For Money

Emerson CF860PT Protruding Mount 2

The kathy ireland HOME Luray Eco Ceiling Fan is one of the quietest ceiling fan products that operate through an EcoMotor. It comes with 3 angled blades to make your home look more classy.

Key Features

This ceiling fan is one of the most efficient models thanks to its EcoMotor. It’s powerful enough to create good air circulation WITHOUT a disruptive noise level.

A unique feature of the EcoMotor is that it offers 6 fan speed settings. These are adjustable depending on what you’re most comfortable with.

Material Design

kathy ireland Home, formerly known as Emerson, created a simple yet elegant style that can make any room look classy. It blends well in bedrooms and even in a home office setting.

It comes with 3 angled blades to maintain the fan’s balance when moving. The blade shape also creates equal air movement within the rooms.

This ceiling fan is of platinum material, which is durable and easy to clean. It also has a damp-location rating for outdoor or humid areas. Besides the bedroom, you can use this for bathrooms and kitchens.


A great feature of this ceiling fan is that it integrates a dimmable LED light kit. You can adjust its lighting levels to conserve more energy.

It has an Energy Star rating for its quiet performance. You also save a lot on electricity bills because of its energy-efficient performance.

One thing most users appreciate is its convenient 6-speed wall control operation. Users can switch on this LED ceiling fan and adjust all its settings conveniently.

If you prefer an Energy Star rating to ensure the quietest ceiling fan performance, this is a GREAT option to consider.


  • Durable platinum material
  • 6 fan speed settings
  • Energy Star rating for quietness and efficiency
  • Dimmable LED light kit for low power usage
  • Wall control operation


  • Expensive price point
  • LED light is not that dim

3. Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Ceiling Fan

Best Budget Pick

Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Ceiling Fan 3

The Harbor Breeze Mazon is a flush mount ceiling fan for low ceiling heights. It’s a compact, quiet ceiling fan suitable for small to medium rooms up to 100 sq ft.

Key Features

Although compact in build, this ceiling fan provides the strongest breeze up to 4,545 CM in it’s highest fan speed.

The ceiling fan also comes with 3 blade fans and a 16-degree blade pitch, which is good for balance. With this, you won’t expect any swaying or shaking from the fan.

Its blades also measure 44 inches, and they’re capable of reverse flow for strong air movement. Additionally, it’s easy to control the remote to change the direction of the blades.

Material Design

This unit comes with a shiny nickel finish, giving it a clean and modern look. The ceiling fan blends well no matter where you use it.

Its lighting comes in the form of a matte opal glass, which looks good when lit. During the daytime, the glass adds an elegant touch to the ceiling fan’s compact build.

Unlike other ceiling fans, its lighting fixture is larger and exposed. Its durable glass material protects the fan’s LED light bulbs.


The ceiling fan features 18-watt dimmable LED light bulbs to keep small and medium rooms well lit. You can dim the light to your preferred comfort.

It’s a remote control operated ceiling fan that provides users the convenience to adjust its settings with one press. This is a good feature for those who don’t want to get up and switch the fan on.

If you’re looking for the quietest ceiling fan that’s suitable for low ceiling heights, the Harbor Breeze would be the best ceiling fan to get!


  • Quiet performance
  • Remote control with wall cradle provided
  • Reversible blades
  • 18-watt dimmable light
  • Compact and low profile build for low ceiling


  • Bulb is not replaceable
  • LED lighting is not so bright

4. Monte Carlo Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Protruding Mount Ceiling Fan 2

The Monte Carlo Protruding Mount is a DC Motor-operated ceiling fan, making it one of the quietest ceiling fan options on this list. It’s also the only ceiling fan on this list that uses DC motors.

It’s a well-balanced ceiling fan with 8 blades. On top of that, it has a bold look that looks good in any home.

Key Features

This ceiling fan provides a powerful breeze because of its blade count. It runs on a DC Motor which ensures the quietest performance, despite having 8 blades.

It has a blade pitch that ranges from 15 to 60 degrees. This makes it balance itself well among other ceiling fans. It also provides a gentle breeze without causing the ceiling fan to wobble or sway.

Another good feature is its reversible fan, making it suitable for all year round usage. With this, you can control the direction of the fan to disperse warm air indoors.

Even during cold weather, this ceiling fan will keep you warm.

Material Design

For its lighting, the ceiling fan comes with a single-bulb downlight and uplight. It has a layered lighting effect, which looks stylish in a home office setting.

The Monte Carlo is of wooden material that comes in a neat white color. This ceiling fan also has a modern appeal to make your home office look stylish.


The Monte Carlo is a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture, suitable for areas you can read such as a home office. It also has a double lighting feature, providing enough lighting for working.

You also don’t have to worry about the electricity bill due to its energy-saving fan motor. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans in the market.

What makes it convenient to use is its remote control operation. It’s also convenient for you to adjust its lighting and speed settings from afar.

Do you prefer a strong cool breeze and stylish lighting for your home office?

If so, the Monte Carlo Protruding Mount would be the best quiet ceiling fan option!


  • DC motor ensures a strong and quiet performance
  • Energy-efficient fan motor
  • 15-60 degree blade pitch for balance
  • Reversible blades
  • Remote control operation


  • Uses halogen bulbs
  • Not resistant to humid or outdoors

5. Minka-Aire LightWave 52” Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire LightWave 52'' Ceiling Fan 2

The Minka-Aire LightWave is a remote control operated ceiling fan. It’s one of the quietest ceiling fan models that come with 3 distressed Koa blades to create a strong breeze.

Key Features

The Minka-Aire ceiling fan has an Energy Star rating, making it one of the quietest ceiling fan options on this list. 

It also comes with a 52-inch blade sweep and a 48-degree blade pitch. This allows the blades to balance the fan when operating.

It has a reversible feature that changes the direction of the blades to create warm air. If you’re someone who wishes to keep warm during cold weather, you’ll love this feature of the Minka-Aire.

Material Design

The Minka-Aire is of wood-like material with a rustic style. Because of it’s simple and warm look, it adds a homey touch to your house.

If you’re going for a minimalist look for your home, the fan also comes in a clean white color.

It has 3 distressed Koa blades, with an angular shape to add more flair to its appeal. This is one of the more stylish ceiling fans you’ll find in the market.


The Minka-Aire offers flexible mounting for its downrod. For low ceilings, you can adjust its downrod to make it a low-profile fan. Its extendable downrod also makes it usable for high ceilings and spacious areas.

This ceiling fan comes with an integrated light kit. Its LED lighting is a useful feature for those who wish to keep their rooms cool and well-lit. Additionally, you can adjust its lighting to match your comfort.

It’s easy to switch on and adjust the settings of this fan using the remote control. With this, you can operate it while you’re on the other side of the room.

Bonus Feature

The Minka-Aire LightWave is one of the modern ceiling fans that’s compatible with Alexa or Google Home. This gives you the option to convert it into a smart fan.

Besides its remote control operation, its smart home feature would be convenient for you.

If these are the ceiling fan qualities that suit your taste, you should consider the Minka-Aire LightWave.


  • Remote control operation
  • Reversible blades
  • Dimmable integrated LED light kit
  • Adjustable downrod
  • Can convert for Smart home operation


  • You have to manually reverse its blades

What Makes the Best and Quietest Ceiling Fans?

After going through our favorite quiet ceiling fans, are you ready to buy the quietest ceiling fan that suits your taste?

You’ve noticed how all ceiling fans come with their own functions and performance. It’s the fan features and qualities that set them apart from other ceiling fans.

Choosing the quietest and best ceiling fans to last you for a long time is a tough decision to make.

To guide you, here are more specific qualities to consider before buying a quiet ceiling fan:

1. Motor Type

Ceiling fans that have strong motors provide strong air circulation. Unfortunately, powerful motors tend to be the noisiest too.

If you’re looking for the quietest motor, it’s important to look into the different types. These motor variations are the oil bath, flywheel, and DC motors.

Oil Bath Motor

This is the very first type of motor used for ceiling fans. Because of this, it’s a heavy motor that uses less advanced technology among the rest.

To get the best performance, you need to make sure to perform an oil check every 1-5 years. This type of motor reduces swaying and vibrations, which is good for quiet operation.

Flywheel Motor

The Flywheel motor is also known as the AC (Alternating Current) motor. It’s also one of the earliest high-performance motors used to operate ceiling fans.

From its name, this motor comes with flywheel discs to absorb shocks when operating. Its internal machinery makes it one of the quietest ceiling fan motors.

BUT, it’s still not the quietest motor type.

DC Motor

The DC (Direct Current) motor is a lightweight type of motor that comes with high torque power. The higher torque of DC motors creates greater initial power with less energy consumption.

DC motors are more advanced compared to the others. Because of their great noise control, DC motors significantly reduce the noise ceiling fans make, making them the QUIETEST ceiling fan motors among other motors,

2. Fan Motor Size and Quality

After discussing the different types of motors, we now know that they come in different sizes. When choosing the best ceiling fan, it’s important to consider the motor quality and size.

For smoother operations, large motors that are high quality are capable of this. If a motor’s heaviness concerns you, there are lightweight options for quieter performance.

A large and high-quality motor is good to use for noise level reduction, such as rattling and clicking sounds. But if your ceiling fan is still making clicking noises, then you may need to do some minor troubleshooting.

Just stay away from smaller motors of less quality since they are more prone to emitting loud noises.

3. Fan Blade Count

Ceiling fans are usually designed with at least 3-5 blades. It’s necessary to take note of the number of blades because depending on the type of unit, it helps determine whether your fan is noisy or not.

If your ceiling fan has more blades, it’s less efficient. When the number of blades balances the weight of the fan, it minimizes shaking and swaying.

The best quiet ceiling fan should have a lesser blade count. Unlike hugger fans, having at least 5 blades reduces more air noise.

A 3-bladed ceiling fan with a built-in DC motor ensures the best efficiency and quietness in most instances.

4. Balance

A ceiling fan that balances its weight well prevents unnecessary shaking and swaying. This quality depends on its blade count and internal components.

Once the ceiling fan’s blades spin to create air, it’s usually thrown off balance. It might also be because the parts are not held in place.

Another feature to consider is the blade pitch of the fan’s blades. To prevent your fan from wobbling, an optimal blade pitch should range from 12 to 15 degrees.

For well-balanced light fans for ceilings, you should look out for parts that are compact for ease of movement.

5. Material Quality

The more durable the material is, the longer it lasts you. This also includes checking the quality of the hardware used.

Low-quality materials such as thin metal and low-grade plastics deteriorate the finishes and blades.

Using low-quality materials could be harmful to your ceiling fan over a period of time. Especially when it’s exposed to heat and humidity.

To guarantee quietness, high-quality materials with noise-absorbing components would be ideal.

6. Fan Mounting

There are various ceiling fans made to suit different types of floor to ceiling heights. In choosing the best fan, ceiling height is an important factor.

Mounting the wrong type of ceiling fan could result in poor air movement in your room.

Before you get too excited to buy one, make sure you get the room’s ceiling height measurement first. From there, it’s easy to determine what type of fan mounting works best for your room.

Low-profile ceiling fans are suitable for mounting on low ceiling heights. Additionally, flush mounting would reduce swaying and rattling.

7. Energy Efficiency

Choosing a fan that’s energy-efficient also ensures the quietest operation. These types of ceiling fans use minimal energy for a strong and quiet air movement.

It’s easy to determine a ceiling fan with good energy efficiency through their Energy Star certifications. Additionally, units with low CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings are more capable of quiet air circulation.

The lesser energy used, the more you save up on electricity bills. If you want to choose the quietest ceiling fan, this is a good quality to consider.

Benefits of a Quiet Ceiling Fan

We’ve discussed the qualities to look out for when choosing a quiet ceiling fan. It would help to know how a ceiling fan would be useful for you.

A quiet ceiling fan helps you achieve a more relaxing and peaceful ambiance in your home. Besides this, there are various benefits to a quiet ceiling fan that serves you well in the long run.

Below are some of the benefits that come with getting the quietest ceiling fan for your home:

Benefits of a quiet ceiling fan illustration

Functionality and Ease of Use

The good thing about a ceiling fan’s functionality is that you can use it regardless of any weather conditions. For areas with hot climates, it’s ideal to use it at any time of the day.

Luckily, most ceiling fans are now built for usability even during cold weather. These fans come with blades that reverse for warm air circulation in the cold. Nowadays, ceiling fans are usable all year round.

There are also many ceiling fans that are simple and convenient to use. These fans do away with the traditional pull chain that should be manually operated.

If you want a quiet ceiling fan that’s easy and convenient to use, it’s best to choose one that comes with a remote control.

Ceiling Fan Spinning

Efficient Power Consumption

A ceiling fan is great to have for keeping cool on a hot day without blowing up your electricity bill. Imagine how much you’d save to stay cool indoors without using your air conditioning unit?

Adjustable temperature settings and strong wind circulation are ideal to use all year round. To ensure a model that uses the least energy, look out for one that’s Energy Star Certified.

An Energy Star rating paired would be more energy-efficient for ceiling fans. Compared to an air conditioning unit, this saves you up to 30% on electricity bills.

PRO TIP: You can also integrate ultra quiet window fans alongside quiet ceiling fans for maximum airflow in your home.

Turning on a power strip

Boosts Indoor Style and Aesthetic

It’s hard to miss a ceiling fan mounted at a high place. Additionally, it’s usually in the center of living rooms which many would first notice. 

Since it’s displayed for everyone to see, it’s good to go for a design that blends with your room. Most fans incorporate eye-catching designs besides its functionality.

These could range from the material to the blade shape, and lighting of the ceiling fan. Whether it’s a modern or a classic look, a good looking ceiling fan springs life to your room.

Living room

Layered Lighting

Besides their reliable cooling power, most ceiling fans come with multi-purpose functions including a light fixture. Since it’s mounted in the center, it’s ideal to have a ceiling fan to light your entire room.

If you’re worried about what to do with the light in the morning, you can use the fan and the lamp. It comes with either a pull chain or remote control to operate either of the two.

A fancy-looking ceiling fan also spares you the need to buy a separate ceiling light fixture for your room. Some ceiling fans provide replaceable bulbs. With this, you won’t have to replace the entire unit.

Empty room

Flexible Mounting

Ceiling fans come in a variety of specs to match the area of use. This includes the difference in fan blades, size, and mounting height.

Not all models are suitable for low ceilings. Additionally, not all models have the required blade span for spacious rooms.

Flexible mounting options for your ceiling fan allows you to adjust it to your ceiling height and mounting preference.

For medium to high ceilings, this includes mounting options such as standard or downrod installation. Whereas for low ceilings, it should come with a close mount installation option.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re having trouble with all the mounting, you might want to settle for quiet pedestal fans instead.

Man installing a ceiling fan

What Is The Quietest Ceiling Fan?

quietest ceiling fan illustration

When choosing the best quiet ceiling fan, there are different types to consider. These ceiling fans come with similar functions. They also come in different styles and designs for quietness.

There is a variation of ceiling fan types to suit your preferred quietness. Depending on your purpose, make sure you choose a fan that’s compatible with the area of use.

Before buying the best ceiling fan of your choice, it’s important to know the specs of each type.

Here are the different types of ceiling fans for you to go through:

Standard Ceiling Fan

Everyone is familiar with this type of fan. It’s the most common type of ceiling fan in everyone’s household. 

  • It comes with the typical 4-5 blade design
  • Additionally, it has a blade span of at least 50-56 inches
  • This type of ceiling fan has a light bulb in the center to illuminate your room
  • Another key feature of this fan is its pull chain to switch it on or off

Because of its simplicity of design and use, most people would have this type of fan for their homes.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan

From its name, this type of fan is best for rooms with low ceiling height. These are often confused with hugger fans. While they’re both used for low ceilings, it’s best to take note that both differ in mounting.

  • You can mount low-profile fans below 12 inches from the ceiling. They also include a downrod for mounting
  • Hugger fans are also for low ceiling heights. These are flush-mounted, leaving little space between the ceiling and the fan
  • Design-wise, they’re compact in build and suitable for smaller rooms

These fans aren’t most ideal for air circulation, but they emphasize spaciousness.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fan

Dual motors are the more unfamiliar type of ceiling fans. If you prefer a fan with a modern look, this has twin ceiling fans on both ends.

  • This type of fan uses double motors for independent use
  • Additionally, it has a motor installed on each end of the fan’s body
  • Its dual motor feature allows the fan to provide airflow within larger rooms

Dual motor fans for the ceiling are suitable in spacious rooms with high ceilings.

Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

Damp-rated ceiling fans are best for rooms that accumulate steam or moisture.

  • It has a water-resistant feature which makes the fan suitable for areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom
  • Damp-rated ceiling fans are also usable outdoors, where it’s exposed to wetness from rain

Although water-resistant, it’s best to keep the fan safe from direct contact with a heavy downpour.

Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Compared to an air conditioning unit, a ceiling fan allows you to have better energy consumption. If you’re looking to cut costs, this type of ceiling fan is the most energy-efficient.

  • Energy star ceiling fans can provide the same airflow strength as other types
  • It’s also 20% more efficient than the standard ceiling fan because it uses less energy
  • At its fastest fan speed settings, it can raise your room temperature by as much as 10 degrees

You don’t have to worry about comprising the coolness for low energy usage.

Remote Control Ceiling Fan

This type of ceiling fan is another one that’s common in households.

  • They’re meant for high ceilings that are hard to reach, which is why these fans use a remote control
  • Some remote control ceiling fans come without a pull chain
  • Its remote control feature makes it easy for you to adjust its settings with a single press

For those who are a fan of convenience and without having to switch a fan’s controls yourself, this is good to use.

Where Do I Find These Ceiling Fans?

Where to find ceiling fans illustration

Ready to get your hands on a quiet ceiling fan, but don’t know which brand to trust?

If this is your first time buying a quiet ceiling fan, Hampton Bay is a good place to start. BUT, you might be familiar and more comfortable with Home Depot, which is a trusted place to find all your household needs.

Hampton Bay is the housing brand for ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and outdoor furniture. Additionally, it’s owned by Home Depot which makes it a credible place to look for ceiling fans.

They have a wide selection of the best quality ceiling fans for you to explore. Should you need to replace your ceiling fan parts, they offer blades, remote control, and light bulb spares.

Hampton Bay provides different budget options for a variety of popular styles. Unlike other brands, they offer a lifetime motor warranty so you don’t have to replace your entire unit frequently. Sounds very convenient, doesn’t it?

It’s also easy to browse through the products in Hampton Bay. By starting there, you’ll surely find the ceiling fan you’re looking for!

How to Make a Noisy Ceiling Fan Quiet?

If you don’t want to spend on a new quiet ceiling fan just yet, you can try to make it quieter instead.

If your ceiling fan is clicking and making annoying rattling sounds, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it.

  • Inspect the blades and make sure they’re tightened and balanced – Loose and warped blades can ruin the mechanism of your ceiling fan, so it would be best to address this issue before you continue to use your fans again.
  • Inspect the light bulbs if they’re installed properly – If your ceiling fans have light bulbs and you hear squeaks and clicks, it might be because of a loose installment. Just tighten the light bulbs and it should be good.
  • Check the screws on the mount and tighten them if necessary – Again, loose parts are the culprit here. Make sure to secure the screws on the base as tight as possible to avoid any space for rattling!
  • Lubricate and tighten the motor cover – Because of all the moving parts inside a ceiling fan, it’s only normal that there’s friction between the parts. It would be IDEAL to lubricate the motors frequently for smoother friction and less noise.

These are only some of the things you can do to remedy those annoying clicks. If you’re uncomfortable tinkering with your ceiling fan yourself, calling a professional to solve your problem would be best!


Our Top Choice

As you can see, there are a variety of quiet ceiling fans that come with competitive features and good quiet performance. Many of these fans also come with the qualities to help you maintain peace and quiet in your home.

These options make it hard to decide on a good fan to buy. With this, it’s important to choose one that will best serve you in the long run.

Regardless of what ceiling type you have, the BEST FAN to use would be the Hunter Indoor ceiling fan. It’s usable throughout any weather conditions, so you can expect top-notch quiet performance all-year-round.

If you prefer a fan that maximizes its features for what it’s worth, the Emerson CF860PT Protruding Mount would be a good choice — specifically for its energy-saving and quiet operation.

We hope with this buying guide, you’re more excited and confident in getting the best quiet ceiling fan for you!


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