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6 Best Quiet Dishwashers to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkly Clean

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Quietness is a huge concern for any household that has ever used a dishwasher for dishes. 

Is your home designed with a lot of open space? Is your kitchen separated by a wall or door from your living room? 

If not, a quiet dishwasher might come in handy — and we have great product recommendations in mind!

In this article, we hope to steer you towards the delightful decision of choosing the best quiet dishwasher that suits your home without having to break the bank!

Best Value
Bosch SHPM65Z55N 24″ 500 Series Pocket Handle Dishwasher
Best Overall
Bosch 800 Series SGX68U55UC 24 Inch Dishwasher
Best Budget Pick
KitchenAid KDPE334GBS 39 dB Black Stainless Built-In Dishwasher
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Our Top Quietest Dishwashers

1. Bosch 800 Series SHPM88Z75N

Best Overall

Bosch 800 Series 2

The Bosch quietest dishwashers are top of the list for a reason. Bosch dishwashers are high-quality products and that’s why the brand is known to be one of the top dishwasher brands around the world.

Many customers expressed positive dishwasher ratings and reviews for this particular quietest dishwasher brand. This dishwasher brand delivers top-notch performance and functions at a low noise level. They even have a wide array of exterior choices to fit just any kitchen!

Compared to other Bosch dishwashers, the Bosch 800 is the quietest dishwasher. 

The noise level on these models goes as quiet as 42 decibels down to 39 decibels. You can listen to music. You can even have your favorite podcast in the background while you’re working in the kitchen!

Bosch also has the MyWay Rack available for models SHXM98W75N, SHXM98W75N, and SHPM98W75N. This third rack is angled to fit ramekins, cereal bowls, espresso cups, and serving utensils. 

All three quietest dishwasher models cost about 250 dollars more than the other models on this series. Other Bosch quietest dishwashers only have the traditional third rack.


A key feature of the Bosch 800 is its EasyGlide rack system. This is what sets it apart from other dishwasher brands.

This quietest dishwasher provides a smooth glide for ease in loading and unloading on the upper rack, even if it is at full capacity.

They also boast their AquaStop leak protection technology. 

This quietest dishwasher model works 24/7 to prevent any water damage to the appliance. It’s a system that shuts down the operation and pumps the water out if it detects a leak.

The Bosch 800 also has Touch Control Technology. This allows for Bosch dishwashers to have quick cycle programming and cycle options. 

Some of the Bosch quietest dishwashers and dishwasher models only have buttons. If you opt for a more modern and clean look, you might consider any model from this series.

Only the SHEM78WH5N is compatible with Bosch’s Home Connect smartphone app, which allows you to access your quiet dishwasher remotely by simply connecting to your WiFi.

Design-wise, the quietest dishwasher Bosch 800 has 30 designs to choose from. Colors include classic black, white, and stainless steel. These colors are what make Bosch dishwasher models to be seen as designer appliances.

It offers a traditional bar-style and modern pocket handle, and front-facing controls. It is also panel-ready, and blends in your kitchen cabinetry with ease.

With regards to functionality, the 800 Series has a variety of wash cycles to use depending on your preference or need. 

You can choose from six wash cycles on these quietest dishwashers: Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal, and Express. 

You can choose an up to 24-hour Delay, while Half Load, Extra Shine, Delicate, and Sanitize options to refine the cycles further. Those food stains won’t bother you anymore!

The Bosch 800 quietest dishwashers are a sure contender on this list. If you’re looking for the most flexible, high-end, and efficient dishwasher, with a little more money, this is the one to buy for your dishes!


  • Quiet operation
  • Great stain removal
  • Excellent stainless steel functionality
  • Excellent drying performance
  • A variety of wash cycles


  • Expensive compared to other dishwasher brands

2. Bosch 500 Series SHPM65Z55N

Best Value

Bosch 500 Series SHPM65Z55N 2

Another Bosch quietest dishwasher on the list! While this is still on the more expensive end, it still guarantees excellent performance and a quality dishwashing experience.

The Bosch 500 Series operates at a noise level of 44 decibels, not as ultra-quiet as the 800. But this quietest dishwasher will not disrupt a conversation or a good laugh in the kitchen. 


Because the Bosch dishwasher tubs are made of stainless steel, this allows a low noise level from any spraying water inside the machine.

It also has adjustable tines and a third rack. What’s good about these dishwashers is you get to wash a lot of different sizes and types of dishware. There’s even a cutlery basket!

The dishwasher cycles are a bit longer compared to other dishwashers but the cleaning performance is worth it.

  • The quick dishwasher cycle takes only about an hour.
  • The Auto Air function opens the dishwasher door after a cycle to speed dish drying too. They call it the ExtraDry. 
  • It also kicks up the temperature and increases drying time to evaporate any moisture on your dishware. It’s pretty effective!

The Bosch 500 Series takes those nasty food stains off your dishes. With a variety of cycles to choose from, they assure a good washing as well as keep your dishes bone dry!

Design-wise, this ultra-quiet dishwasher has a modern featureless exterior, making it easy to clean too. They have top-mounted controls that are hidden when closed. This keeps it looking nice and sleek!

If you want a Bosch dishwasher in your home, but don’t have the extra dough for the higher 800 Series, the Bosch 500 series SHPM65Z55N is a great option.

Overall, you get good value and high reliability, along with a low noise level!


  • Mid-budget
  • Excellent cleaning abilities
  • Dries dishware well
  • Low decibel levels
  • Stainless steel tub


  • Cycle takes longer compared to other dishwashers

3. KitchenAid Dishwasher KDPE334GBS

Best Budget Pick

KitchenAid Dishwasher KDPE334GBS 2

This KitchenAid Dishwasher costs less than 1,000 dollars! It’s cheaper than other more popular dishwashers.

Right off the bat, this quiet dishwasher is for any household on a budget. This may be one of the friendliest dishwashers for your pocket but still delivers excellent performance.

This quiet dishwasher operates at an impressively low noise level of 39 decibels. 

Many users expressed positive reviews on its cost to benefit ratio. No doubt, this is a crowd favorite.


The KitchenAid dishwasher comes with a third-level rack, adding 35% more space below to fit much larger dishes.

It has 2 rows of fold-down tines on the upper rack, as well as a utility basket and premium adjusters to fit a variety of dishware sizes.

Its programmed wash cycles include:

  • The ProWash cycle
  • Bottle Wash option
  • Express Wash
  • Sani-Rinse option. 

Its Fan-Enabled ProDry System assures your dishware is clean and dry at the end of the cycle. 

For additional drying, you can opt for the Extended ProDry. This takes away all the unwanted moisture.

The KitchenAid dishwasher is also made with SatinGlide Max Rails for assured smooth loading and unloading even at full capacity!

It has durable stainless steel interiors, which give it a very classy and clean look. This also allows noise levels to be at a minimum. 

Finally, it has concealed controls, adding to its clean finish.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good cleaning on normal and express cycles
  • Operates quietly
  • Low noise level
  • Discreet control panel


  • Tough cycle not as efficient

4. Jenn-Air Dishwasher JDTSS244GL

Jenn-Air TRI-FECTA JDTSS244GS 24 Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Console Dishwasher 2

If you are looking for the stealthiest and most luxurious of the quiet dishwashers available in the market, the Jenn-Air Dishwasher does not disappoint! 

Its noise level operates at 38 decibels only and boasts tranquillity. You won’t even know it’s on!


This quiet dishwasher does not sacrifice any performance as well. 

The Jenn Air Dishwasher has a TriFecta Wash System. It cleans your dishes brilliantly. It’s energy-efficient, and it operates with optimal noise reduction too.

  • It has a three-stage filtration, a coarse filter, large filter screen, and a bottomless fine filter cup that avoid food particles from recirculating your dishware. Efficiency at its finest!
  • Its stainless steel pressurized wash arms and alternating wash action in two zones work together to wash your dishes with clean water effectively.

This quiet dishwasher adds sophistication to any kitchen. Its gliding racks are made with industry-exclusive black finishing, known to be a JennAir signature look with LED to illuminate the racks.

We’ve only heard positive comments from users in terms of their strong and stable racks too. 

It is important you can work with ease as their glide is smooth and quiet, even during a full load. You’ll definitely love a satisfying dishwashing experience when loading and unloading your dishes and utensils.

What else is amazing about this quiet dishwasher? 

It has multiple wash cycles to choose from:

  • Precision Dry Plus Option
  • 1-Hour Wash Cycle
  • Top/Bottom Rack Wash Cycle as your basic cycles.
  • For more tailor fitted cycles like heavily soiled pots, pans, and other baking dishes, you have the Cookware and Bakeware Cycle.
  • For lighter soiled dishware, a Crystal Cycle is also available for you. 
  • For different temperature preferences, you have the Hi-Temp Wash Option and Sanitize Rinse Option. 

You can customize different cycles to fit your lifestyle. Now, who wouldn’t want this innovative dishwasher in their kitchen?

This quiet dishwasher is definitely ahead of all its peers in terms of technology. You can access it remotely and control your dishwasher from anywhere via WIFI. 

You can even use voice commands through an Alexa-enabled device or Google assistant. You can even download all these custom wash cycles mentioned above directly to your appliance.

For a luxurious-looking dishwasher, it’s not as expensive as other branded dishwashers like the Bosch and Miele. It’s a little over 1,000 dollars. But it also comes with impeccable service, delivery, supervised installation, and warranty.

If you have the right budget and wish to maintain a dishwasher for the long haul, the JennAir dishwasher is an excellent choice!


  • Modern and luxurious look
  • Custom wash cycles
  • Can be accessed remotely
  • Strong and stable
  • Functions very quietly


  • None we can find

5. Miele Lumen EcoFlex G6885SCVIK2O

Miele Lumen EcoFlex G6885SCVIK2O 2

First things first, the Miele Lumen EcoFlex quiet dishwasher has the most expensive price on this list. 

It comes with a price tag of a little over 3,000 dollars.

That being said, this dishwasher is definitely in a class of its own. 

It features a state-of-the-art look for an elegant kitchen, with the most efficient of functions and place settings.

This quiet dishwasher is whisper quiet with a rating of approximately 38 decibels, so you can surely enjoy a good conversation even while it’s running in the kitchen!


This quiet dishwasher has a hidden control panel and requires custom paneling. Talk about convenience, right? 

You just have to tap on its door, and it opens automatically with ease. It also opens by itself at the end of every washing cycle.

This dishwasher has amazing energy-saving features as well. It runs efficient cycles using very minimal water.

Design-wise, its interior is made with functionality in mind. It has a 3D cutlery tray and 16 place settings. You can fit dishware the size of a big family dinner in one cycle!

Other than the 16 place settings, the Miele Lumen Ecoflex dishwasher has 14 wash programs to choose from. It’s perfect for your specific washing needs.

Not everyone wants or can afford to buy a dishwasher like this. But hey, if it’s the perfect fit and you’ve got bucks to spare, why not?


  • Elegant design
  • Efficient cycles use less water
  • Operates quietly
  • 16 place settings
  • Hidden control panel


  • Pricey

6. LG LDP6797ST

LG LDP6797ST 2

Also in the budget-friendly category, the LG LDP6797ST costs less than 800 dollars. For its modern look, this quiet dishwasher will give you your money’s worth!

The LG LDP6797ST operates at a decibel level of 44 decibels. Not as quiet as your 39-decibel level options, but still keeps noise levels to a minimum. We are quite certain you can enjoy a good conversation with that decibel number rating.


The LG dishwasher is one of the more well-built and well-designed dishwashers in the market. It has a sleek exterior with concealed controls, three indicator lights, and uses an LED cycle timer.

It showcases seven cycles: Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Turbo, Express, and Download. 

It has the option for cycle customization too.

  • The Dual Zone and Half Load mode allow you to customize the activation of the spray arms depending on the load inside your dishwasher. This helps you conserve water and energy.
  • Apart from those, you can also opt for the Energy Saver, High Temp, Extra Dry, Night Dry, and Delay Start functions.

What many like about the LG studio dishwasher is it also comes with a third rack. You can adjust rack height as needed with a simple press of a button. 

The upper and lower racks are equipped with tines you can easily fold so as to not get in the way of your dishwashing.

The only con we found in this quiet dishwasher is it often leaves a few stains behind if you opt for the normal and turbo cycles. 

Other than that, with a price-friendly dishwasher that adds class to any kitchen, this one is a strong contender!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Modern design
  • Adjustable racks and tines


  • Leaves stains
  • High decibel ratings compared to others

What is Considered A Quiet Dishwasher?

Woman fixing dishes illustration

There are many dishwasher options with tons of excellent qualities and functions in the market. 

Don’t get overwhelmed. Of course, you can wash the dirty dishes by hand yourself.

But let’s face facts, only a handful of us enjoy doing the chore. 

A quiet dishwasher can save you a lot of time that you can definitely allot for better purposes: finishing work deadlines, doing homework, or having quality conversations with a loved one, to name a few.

As mentioned, a dishwasher can help you save time tackling those greasy pots, pans, food-caked dishes, and utensils. 

If you have a noisy dishwasher, you have a whole new problem in your hands. You’ll definitely need a new dishwasher.

Conversations interfered, and interrupted peace in the kitchen or in the living room is such a pet peeve.

How Quiet Should I Expect a Quiet Dishwasher to Be?

Many manufacturers measure quietness by decibel level. The lower the decibel ratings, the less noise a dishwasher makes. 

They usually publish noise ratings to help consumers compare sound levels before making any purchase. You can also find it in the user manual or printed on the sticker inside the unit.

A typical conversation is measured at noise ratings of around 60 decibels. With this in mind, you know your quiet dishwasher should measure at lower decibels. New dishwasher models are usually quieter.

A whisper is at 15 decibels, a car horn at 110 decibels, and a firecracker at 140 decibels.

Do keep in mind that decibels measure sound level intensity, and a few points can make a big difference. 

  • An increase in 1 decibel means an increase of 30%.
  • An increase of 3 decibels therefore would mean almost a double of its noise level.

The average decibel rating for dishwashers ranges between 45 to 50 decibels. Some in the market are rated at 55 decibels of sound. That’s about the same sound intensity as a hairdryer! 

You wouldn’t want your new dishwasher to disturb your comfort and privacy at home, would you?

Most quiet dishwashers rate from 38 to 44 decibels. This would be your ideal number. Anything below that might cost you a few unnecessary bucks off your pocket.

What Makes a Dishwasher Noisy?

Stacks of dirty plates illustration

Dishwashers make life easier. You get to enjoy big meals without having to deal with any mess afterward. 

It can even dry everything after every washing cycle. What’s not to love?

A dishwasher is a big investment compared to other home appliances, so it’s natural to be concerned about getting the best dishwasher. 

When it comes to noise, assuming it works well, noise factors boil down to its engineering. If anything else, you should get your dishwasher checked. It might be due to a malfunction.

  • Some dishwashers come with an electronic control with a motor in the panel. This might cause a grinding noise as it goes through a cycle. This is normal and not a cause for concern.
  • Dishwashers with its own disposal unit often have a buzzing noise when forcing water down the drain pump. A dishwasher with this function is particularly louder than other dishwashers. It also functions a lot better, so it’s considerably a good trade-off!
  • A dishwasher also has a fan, which produces a humming noise. You might deal with more noise when you opt for a quick cycle. That’s because each function of a cycle—dish cleaning, rinsing, and water draining happens at a higher intensity than a normal cycle’s time duration.
  • A dishwasher’s tub is also one of the main reasons for its noise. 

What are the Two Types of Materials Used for Dishwashers?

There are two types of materials used for dishwashers: Plastic and Stainless Steel. 

Stainless steel is used for more expensive dishwashers. When it comes to noise, the sound generated by water striking on a plastic tub is louder than a stainless steel tub.

Other engineering components of a dishwasher have the potential to make noise—water sprayers / spray arms, draining pumps, quality of its insulation, and sound dampening material on the exterior tub. 

Some manufacturers opted to substitute a passive filter for the food disposer. This makes the insulation denser, and thicker and thus, dampens the noise.

Innovation has definitely led us to address this concern, thus, our quiet dishwashers.

Final Verdict

Our Top Choice

The Bosch 800 Series is a sleek machine on top of performance and cost-benefit ratio on this list. 

Its various customizable wash cycle options and efficient delivery is worth every penny. 

We like the Bosch 800 Series quiet dishwashers mainly because of their flexibility. For anybody who has a knack for home cooking, and feeding friends and family, this will ease the burden of aftercare.

An investment in a good quiet dishwasher no doubt will save you so much time. In the end, your choice will be according to your preference, lifestyle, and overall fit to your kitchen. 

What we can guarantee is with any of the dishwashers reviewed above; you’re guaranteed a pleasant dishwashing experience. 

In the end, there is nothing more satisfying than not having to deal with all the mess after a hearty meal with family!

If you already have a dishwasher you love but it irks you how loud it can be, take a look at our Guide on Dishwasher Sound Insulation.


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