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5 Ultra Quiet Drones and Stealth Quadcopters with HD Cameras

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Drone photography and videography create INSANELY unique photos and videos.

THE PROBLEM: The dreaded drone noise.

This is ESPECIALLY true when you’re using drones to record videos or for professional surveillance purposes like security or law enforcement.

What contributes to the drone noise, you ask? The build quality and the propellers.

With this guide, we compiled a list of the BEST silent drones on the market that are both STURDY and have QUIET propellers.

Get ready to record seamless videos or conduct surveillance without the worry of an audio issue.

Let’s get to it!

Best Portable Drone
DJI Spark
Best Overall
DJI MAVIC Pro Platinum
Best Budget Pick
Altair Aerial AA108
Table of Contents

The Best Ultra Quiet Drones and Stealth Quadcopters with HD Camera

After several flight tests, we listed down these drones as the quietest drones on the market. These will work great for weddings, birthdays, and tourist areas!

1. DJI MAVIC Pro Platinum

Best Overall

Body Size: 14.9 x 12.13 x 6.88“ || Weight: 1.6 lbs || Flight time: 23 minutes || Charging time: 60-80 minutes || Camera: 4k || Price: $$$

DJI Mavic Pro 2

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is hands down the best small, silent drone out there. 

This drone is a lightweight robot at a not-so-whopping 3lbs!

  • It’s convenient to bring along hiking trips
  • It can easily fit into a backpack
  • It’s easy to assemble

It’s a relatively quiet drone, too, with a noise level of around 70 decibels (dB).

It may not be a completely “silent drone”, but the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is as silent as a drone can get. There’s reportedly no real change in rotors, but the volume reduction is mostly due to pitch.

Despite the noticeable size reduction, this silent drone can fly for almost a quarter of an hour at a speed of 64km/hr in ideal flight situations (i.e., unobstructed, not windy).

An important feature to note in-flight time is the propulsion system and its overall power consumption.

The remote control contains a new OCuSyn transmission technology. This is supposedly better for long-range connections and is what allows the Pro Platinum to fly up to 7km. It’s also equipped with an obstacle sensor and has a Return to Home feature.

HERE’S THE DOWNSIDE: Due to its size, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is unstable during windy flights. However, its propulsion system and airframe create better handling for expected setbacks.

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum excels in quietness, features, and design. You really can’t go wrong with this top pick.


  • Quiet
  • 4k camera
  • Compact
  • OCuSyn transmission technology
  • Brushless motor


  • Return to Home feature
  • Obstacle obstruction
  • Long flight


  • Not in everyone’s price range
  • Pricey for spare batteries
  • Long charging time

2. DJI Spark

Best Portable Drone

Body Size: 5.6 x 5.6 x 2.1″ || Weight: 0.66 lbs || Flight time: 15 minutes || Charging time: 80 minutes || Camera: 1920 x 1080 || Price: $$

DJI Spark 2

This silent drone looks like a toy — it’s that small. Registering at around .66 pounds, the DJI Spark is a brilliantly compact, quiet drone to carry around for travel enthusiasts.

Not only does it have a small body, but also the sounds register only at a decibel level of 55. 

Here’s what we wish was better: It does not have the best camera quality — 12MP for photos and 1080p for video. However, thanks to the 2-axis gimbal and stable footage, you can still get great footage.

A popular feature of this drone is the technology behind its three commands. One could use the remote control, app, or advance control gestures. While the app is a more convenient method of drone control, you can operate this drone with your hands. How cool is that?

You can also choose from a variety of video and flight modes. The most popular is ActiveTrack, where it locks on to a moving target and follows it around.

Another choice is Quickshot, where the Spark locks on to an object and performs a predetermined flight pattern. For dramatic shots, this is where it performs best.


  • Quiet for a portable camera quad
  • Intelligent flight patterns
  • Brushless drone motor


  • Quality photos and videos
  • Cool modes
  • Ideal for travel enthusiasts
  • Three control options


  • Short battery life
  • Set of batteries are pricey
  • Propellers prone to damage

3. Altair Aerial AA108

Best Budget Pick

Body Size: 7.2 x 1.7 x1.9 “ || Weight: 1.6 lbs || Flight time: 7-10 minutes || Charging time: 60-80 minutes || Camera: 720p || Price: $

Altair Aeria AA108 2

The Altair Aerial  AA108 best fits a beginner-friendly profile. It’s also quiet enough to be flown indoors without much disturbance. It’s definitely one of the silent drones ideal for beginners!

The design is made of durable plastic to withstand crashes and even comes with safety features where it lands itself.

This is great when your drone runs out of battery or when it experiences communication issues with the controller.

While the camera is not 4k, the 720p resolution is adequate enough, especially for its low price point. Its built-in 1200 wide-angle HD camera is still great for photos and videos.

It has three flight modes:

  • Headless Mode – Headless Mode allows you to disregard the drone’s orientation
  • Altitude Hold – Altitude Hold keeps the drone suspended midair in a somewhat autopilot/auto-hover state 
  • One-touch takeoff and landing – this mode is a self explanatory feature

Lastly, Altair created a model that values consumer experience. How?

Well, with the model’s poor flight time, the drone comes with an additional battery for free and four extra propellers in case of breakage.


  • Auto-land feature
  • Comes assembled
  • Live transmission video


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for beginners
  • Allows for first person viewing on smartphone
  • Good for indoors


  • Short battery life
  • Not good for the great outdoors
  • Not the best camera

4. DJI Mavic 2

Body Size: 8.5 x 3.6 x 3.3” || Weight: 2.4 lbs || Flight time: 27 minutes || Charging time: 90 minutes || Camera: 1080p || Price: $$$

DJI Mavic 2

The DJI Mavic 2 may be slightly louder than the Pro Platinum, but this silent drone deserves credit. 

It is by far the BEST for professional videographers and photographers. It’s even great for night-time photographs and videos!

The Mavic 2 has two models in the series: Zoom and Pro. The only difference between the two is the camera.

  • The Pro model is best for low-light situations, boasting a Hasselblad camera and a one-inch sensor.
  • The Zoom model’s camera comes with a 2x optical zoom capability and zooms even further up to 96mm. It has a pre-programmed dolly zoom, which keeps the subject the same size while the surroundings come closer.

In terms of sound, this quad is NOT as silent as the aforementioned DJI product, but it’s not noisy either. 

It registers at 72 decibels, which is only 2 decibels louder. So, it may be “loud” when compared to the DJI Pro Platinum quad, but it still deserves fair praise for its professional photo & video performance.  


  • Long battery life
  • Flight range of 8 km
  • Quiet
  • Brushless motors


  • Ideal for professionals
  • Obstacle sensor for all directions
  • Great for night time shots


  • Pricey — not recommended for recreational use only
  • Not the most quiet DJI quad

5. Parrot Mambo Mini-Drone

Body Size: 7.1 x 7.1 x 2″ || Weight: 0.125 lbs || Flight time: 9 minutes || Charging time: 45 minutes || Camera: 1920 x 1080 || Price: $

Parrot Mambo Mini-Drone 2

This is the most INEXPENSIVE quiet drone in the market. In fact, the Parrot Mambo Mini-Drone is the most inexpensive drone, regardless of noise

That tends to make people skeptical — a cheap drone?

That must mean a bad drone, right? WRONG.

It may not have DJI-quality photos, but it has a decent 720p camera and is stable for both indoor and outdoor flying. It even has autopilot, which is a plus for its price point.

It carries a standard design and two LED lights that change color to indicate the drone’s status. Although, the LED lights in the front definitely give it the bug-like appearance to match the sound.

Manufacturers claim its noise level is as “quiet as a wasp.” While not on anyone’s list of pleasant sounds, it’s an acceptable sound where silent drones are the concern.

Battery capacity is quite short and is varied. The better the weather conditions, the longer the life span. Non-ideal conditions like winds will drain the battery much quicker. However, investing in a set of spare batteries shouldn’t break the bank.


  • Drain tanks keeps water off of floors
  • High grade plastic covering can withstand high grade alcohol cleaning
  • Comes in three different models – slim, mini, and smart


  • Low energy consumption
  • Great engineering
  • Low noise output


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Are Drones Really Loud?

Is this a confusing question? How many drones have been flown at festivals and have not been bothersome? They can be noisy, but “loud” seems to be an over-exaggeration. 

This is simply because the drones’ sounds are significantly reduced when they are a hundred feet above the ground, where the unsuspecting populace usually find them. The closer these quadcopters are to a crowd, the “louder” their distinct buzz can be heard.

In order to fly, the propellers need to rotate. The rotors slicing in the air are what cause the noise we hear. 

The propellers convert rotational kinetic energy to thrust, allowing it to take off. A by-product of this is heat and noise, which is NOT energy efficient. 

Another reason why the noise is irritating regardless of decibels is because the sound operates at a much higher frequency or pitch.

Think of it this way: would you rather listen to a shrill shriek or a deep shout at the same volume?

The answer: probably the latter.

Why a Silent Drone? Do You Really Need One?

Is there really a need for a quiet drone or is it just a marketing ploy? After all, once it’s up in the air, the noise is hardly noticeable. 

The short answer: YES, there is a market for a silent drone

While noise is subjective and can be dismissed when one goes up a mountain to film a sunset alone, it can be quite distracting if we’re talking about more intimate events like weddings, birthday parties, or tourist attractions.

It’s a big complaint among tourists when they find a spot filled with the sound of buzzing cameras. It automatically ruins the tranquility and the experience!

It’s useful for shooting videos

Drone footage is almost always overlaid with background music to cover the sound of the propellers. That’s all good if the footage is just composed of nature stills, but can be a con for videos with real-time audio.

It can be used for surveillance purposes with improved stealth 

A private investigator or similar agencies can monitor something discreetly. What’s the use of good, quiet flight time if the drone gives away its position and is conspicuous?

It’s a well-known fact that drones can be used to pick up and drop off things like food and water, but did you know that blood facilities in Rwanda use drones to deliver blood and other medical supplies?

A noisy hovering pseudo-helicopter can be disruptive for these jobs that could use a little more quiet in them.

Key Features to Look for in a Silent Drone

Girl Flying a Drone

1. Sturdy Drone Build

Not all consumer drones come with sensors, so looking for one made of sturdy material is important. Most popular models in the market have good mechanical housing to ensure it’s a long-lasting product.

A solid, thick build also helps in noise reduction. With a thick frame, less noise escapes from the drone; therefore, making the sound less audible. 

Sturdy, solid materials also help dampen the vibrations produced by the drone, which reduce noise too.

2. Quiet Drone Propellers

Another feature to look at is the propellers, of which there are two kinds: quadcopters (four wings) and hexacopters (six wings). Hexacopters are better for long-haul flights since they are a wee bit better for balancing.

The shape is important, too. V-shaped ones are said to produce less noise since they handle air pressure much better.

Experimenting with different sets is a good option as opposed to just buying the entire stock. On that note, extra attachments won’t break the bank either.

The Silent Drone for You

After having read all that, is there a universal best silent drone? Yes, BUT, what is ideal for you may not be ideal for another person. 

It helps to identify what you’re looking to get out of the drone should you wish to purchase one yourself.

  • Is the drone for work or leisure?
  • Is it for a beginner or a seasoned professional?
  • Is the future drone owner a true enthusiast or are they just testing the waters? 

Answering these questions may help in deciding the silent drone to invest in.

For the Pleasure Seeker

Man Holding a Drone

For the ultimate flying experience, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is definitely worth the investment.

  • With a 4k HD cam and 3 axis stabilization, this provides excellent photo and video quality — worthy for sharing online and printing out.
  • It also comes with good battery capacity and a flight range of 7km. Its foldable design also makes it compact enough to bring for camping or hiking trips — lovely spots for photos and artistic videos!
  • The silent propellers with optimized motor rotation can come in handy when trying to film intimate moments in nature or in life. At 3.3 feet or a meter’s distance, it registers at 70 decibels. That’s pretty quiet if you ask us.

For the Professional

Professional Flying a Drone 2

If you’re looking for a silent drone to further your business or career, then the DJI Mavic 2 is something to consider. It’s a really quiet, excellent quad that comes with two models: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom.

  • Similar to the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, the camera, too, is 4k with 3 axis stabilization. These models have the longest battery lives in this review — almost half an hour. Coupled with a huge flying range of up to 8km, this drone will suit a professional well.
  • Its sensing system is impressive. It has a sensor for every direction — up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. Good luck crashing this drone!
  • The silent propellers and low motor pitch is ideal for filming events like birthdays or weddings, as it is not at all that noisy. If these events happen to occur at twilight, footage can still be great in these low light conditions.

The Zoom and Pro only have a camera as a differentiating marker, so either would be good.

While this is not a drone we could comfortably recommend for leisure, it’s excellent for those looking to make a living with it.

The silent feature is an added benefit too, which makes it a decent investment piece.

For the Beginner

Beginner Flying a Drone

If you’re just looking to try out consumer drones, it’s better to look at inexpensive ones first.

Teenagers don’t start driving a Porsche just because it’s the best, and the same principle applies here.

The Parrot Mambo Mini Drone and the Altair Aerial AA108 are both two budget, silent drones worth looking into.

The Parrot Mambo Mini is especially great for beginners

  • It’s easy to fly, affordable, can do some fun acrobatic tricks, has decent camera quality, and it looks like a robot bug.
  • Flying is not overly challenging and it can be done safely indoors (good for newer pilots with a fear of losing drones mid-flight).
  • While the sound of a wasp is usually a cause for concern, compared to other drones, it’s relatively quiet. Neither an inviting sound nor an annoying one either.
  • The camera quality is suitable for leisure film and photo, but nothing professional.
  • It can also withstand inevitable crashes and collisions most newbie drone pilots experience. Design-wise the heavy duty plastic keeps the device safe.
  • Finally, you have access to a program where beginners can also show off aerial tricks that are simple enough to do, yet impressive to witness.

For the Child

Kid Flying a Drone

Thinking of giving a new drone to a child or niece/nephew?

If countless video demos or reading review after review on silent drones with brushless motors can’t make you decide with confidence, don’t worry. 

The Altair Aerial AA108 is a potential purchase well worth looking into. 

  • It’s inexpensive, beginner friendly, has decent camera quality, easy to fly, and is durable. It’s one of the best silent flying quads.
  • Like the Mambo, the photos are not picture perfect to blow out, print, and mount on a wall, but it adds visual appeal to your Instagram feed.
  • Custom flight modes are also available. All you need to do is program a flight pattern on the phone app and the drone will follow suit.
  • New pilots tend to crash drones and even more likely if the new pilot is young. Luckily, the AA108 is made of durable plastic and can stand crashes.
  • Its auto-land feature also ensures it will not get lost midflight. This feature activates when the drone senses low battery levels or when the controls lack proper communication.

For the Traveler

Traveler Flying a Drone

Whether or not frequent travels are on the horizon, a drone easily chucked into the bag is great. The chances are high if one travels frequently or doesn’t want to lug around extra weight.

The DJI Spark is one of the quietest portable camera quads available.

  • Oddly enough, despite its size, it is not ideal for indoors, but is excellent for outdoor spaces. Its Active Track feature is also a great bonus, as it locks onto an object and follows stubbornly.
  • It has a decent battery life and the camera is not bad at all. It’s not a 4k camera, but a rather good one for the price range.
  • It’s easy to edit and share footage on social media through the DJI app.

It is definitely a sublime choice for any fan of compact high-quality quad HD cams.

Final Verdict

Our Preferred Drone Pick

While each drone serves a different and unique purpose, as there is unarguably a drone for everyone, there has to be a winner. 

Which of these flying quad cameras is the best? 

Coming at second with its portability is the DJI Spark.  At only 55 decibels and a variety of drone videos and photo modes to choose from, the Spark easily takes second place.

Probably not coming as a big surprise, but bottom line, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum takes the crown. HANDS DOWN.

While not the best for professional work, it’s suitable for both business and pleasure. It has excellent flight time, good camera quality, portability, and is fairly priced for its value.

Since it’s pretty pricey, it might be something a drone enthusiast works his or her way up to and maybe, that’s what makes it an even sweeter treat.


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