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5 Best Quiet Garbage Disposals to Grind Food Waste Easily

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You’ve solved your leftover problem with the indispensable solution of garbage disposals. 

Now, what about the noise? Listening to a loud grinding noise after every meal can be annoying. 

Luckily, there are simpler alternatives to your noise problem and I’ll be sharing them with you in this guide. 

Here are the 5 best quiet garbage disposals you can choose from!

Best Budget Pick
Waste King L-8000
Best Overall
InSinkErator Evolution Excel
Most Quiet
InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Plus
Table of Contents

Our Top Quiet Garbage Disposals

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP

Best Overall

InSinkErator Evolution Excel 2


  • RPM: 1725
  • Horse Power: 1
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Price: $$$

InSinkErator is America’s #1 garbage disposal brand and has been operating since 1972.

They’ve built such a stable and trustworthy reputation over the years, no one questions the quality of their products. Feedback and experiences from satisfied customers speak for themselves. 

The InSinkErator uses AC Induction Motor (ACIMs) for its 1HP Dura-Drive motor. The Dura-Drive technology improves the accuracy and the durability of the motors.

 It churns through the hardest of wastes at 1725 RPM without breaking a sweat.

This household garbage disposal grinding chamber is also stainless steel. True, this makes the entire garbage disposal system heavy, but at least it’s resistant to corrosion and impervious to rust.

This garbage disposal has a steel chamber capacity of up to 40 ounces of garbage. It is 100% up to the large number of tough foods waiting to be thrown in its way.

The grinding chamber is pretty simple, having just its basic parts, but there are some upgraded elements that make it stand out.

  • The GrindShearRing increases the number of sharp cutting edges and angles to ensure food scraps slice up swiftly when against the ring.
  • The Tri-Action Lug System ensures all food wastes are up against the ring until they are the right texture for disposal.
  • Under the turnplates is the Undercutter Disk, whose job is to split food garbage into tiny pieces should they slip through the gaps from the chamber.

Jams are sometimes inevitable, but thankfully, the Evolution Excel has two systems for cautionary measures.

  • The first is the Auto-Reverse Grind System, a program designed to provide a sense of when a big clog is on its way and signals the induction motor to spin in the opposite direction.
  • The second is a Jam-Sensor Circuit, which does as the name suggests, but also boosts torque up to 500% and pulse to 60 pulses a second.  With three grinders and two jam prevention systems, clogs and jams are rare.

Despite being a pretty powerful garbage disposal, it is pretty quiet. 

  • The noise level of this Insinkerator garbage disposal is low, thanks to the SoundSeal technology and sound insulation. 
  • It also has two anti-vibration systems which makes it great for noise reduction. This makes it one of the best quiet garbage disposals you can find.

There is a 7-year warranty for this garbage disposal. Bear in mind if it is not quiet, it is considered a malfunction.


  • Strong motor
  • Really quiet garbage disposal
  • 3-stage multi-grinder
  • Auto unjam programs
  • Easy installation


  • Pricey

2. Waste King L-8000

Best Budget Pick

Waste King L 8000 2


  • RPM: 2800
  • HP: 1
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Price: $$

Of all the garbage disposals in the Waste King Legend series, the Waste King L-8000 was the most successful.

The best part?

Despite a strong, stainless steel motor and high-quality materials, it’s relatively inexpensive. How’s that for a bargain?

The motor on this Waste King garbage disposal is a permanent magnet motor. Making it an ideal choice for among all the quiet garbage disposals.

  • They are more quiet and much faster than most garbage disposals.
  • The 1 HP garbage disposal motor can grind at 2500 rpm. This is useful in avoiding jams and grinding soft remains.
  • Although, the motor tends to slow down when it encounters harder, larger garbage. This is because it spends more energy on torque than on speed.

The grind chamber on this quiet disposal has three parts: turntable, impellers, and grind ring.

These parts are made of stainless steel. So, while they are impervious to rust, it is still advisable to routinely clean them. Quick note: Food buildup may hinder the chamber’s sharpness.

For something midrange in price, there is a surprising lack of jam complaints. The motor of the Waste King spins quickly enough to avoid such incidents with food waste. That is, of course, unless one were to experiment on the machine’s capabilities.

As for noise reduction, there is no specialized soundproofing technology for this food waste disposer. While the level of noise won’t disrupt the entire household, the sound is loud enough to be audible in the kitchen.


  • Strong magnet motor
  • Speedy motor
  • Easy installment with EZ mount
  • Budget friendly


  • Large
  • Cannot get unjammed from the outside

3. InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Plus

Most Quiet

InSinkErator Cover Control Plus 2


  • RPM: 1735
  • Horse Power: 3/4
  • Feed Type: Batch Feed
  • Price: $$$

The InkSinkErator Evolution Control Plus is a batch-type InSinkErator garbage disposal product.

This just means the cork-like cover needs to be placed on the disposal system prior to its operation. 

It may take a bit longer for larger amounts of food waste garbage to be ground up than in the more popular continuous waste disposal feed types.

This Insinkerator garbage disposal machine carries unique technology that will only start when the magnets of the cover align with the disposer properly, which is down in the sink drain and is also a good safety feature.

The 3/4 horsepower is just enough to grind up chicken bones. It has two grinders made of galvanized steel and has a 7-year warranty. The warranty though is inclusive of free house calls, parts, and labor. 

It is whisper-quiet since it is free of vibration when in operation. This means you can do the dishes, deal with food waste, and have a conversation in the kitchen with ease.

This food waste disposer is similar to the InSinkErator Excel, with the key differences being the feed type and the number of grind stages.


  • Safer garbage disposal unit
  • Duel-grind process
  • No need for manual activation


  • Pricey

4. InSinkErator Evolution Essential

InSinkErator Evolution Essential 2


  • RPM: 2600
  • Horse Power: 3/4
  • Feed Type: Batch Feed
  • Price: $$$

This particular quiet garbage disposal is good for a medium-sized family.

No matter what kind of abominable food waste you throw into the Evolution Essential, it chews at a fantastic speed without complaint. It is also a little cheaper than the Evolution Excel.

The Auto Reverse Grinding Technology makes an automatic reverse spin in the presence of a jam or clogs on the inside of the grinding disposal unit.

This is more of a safety feature to protect the internal parts of the garbage disposal unit. Also, the grinding components and chamber are made of stainless steel.

The installation process of the Evolution Essential is relatively easy as it comes with all its parts and has a quick-lock system.

Many choose this garbage disposal because of the noise it makes – or the lack thereof.

  • The SoundSeal technology delivers quiet performance, ensuring that no cacophony fills your kitchen. 
  • The Anti-Vibration mounting system prevents the kitchen sink from vibrating while grinding.

Most users love the powerful motor and the low sound this garbage disposer makes. A few complained that the rubber gasket from the Anti-Vibration causes water to drain slowly, which can be a little irritating.


  • Powerful motor
  • 6-year warranty
  • Super quiet
  • Stainless steel grinding
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sound insulation


  • Requires a lot of space
  • Slow liquid drainage

5. Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Garbage Disposal

KitchenAid 2


  • RPM: 1725
  • Horse Power: 1/2
  • Feed Type: Continuous Feed
  • Price: $$

What is Kitchen Aid doing in an article about garbage disposals? Smart, actually.

While the brand is popular for its revered Kitchen Aid stand mixers, they also make other kitchen appliances. This one just happens to be for the drain.

This continuous feed and quiet disposal provide less power than the rest of the best quiet garbage disposal units on this list, but it can slash through the more common food wastes with ease.

Upon estimate, with a grinding chamber capacity of 26-ounces, it can handle garbage for a family of four.

The garbage disposal system design follows an electric overload protection system, an electrical switch, and a manual reset button.

The grinding wheel of this garbage disposer is of galvanized steel, so there are some mixed reviews on its durability.

Some reviews say it lasted only a year and a half, while others claim it to have broken down after years of use. This can be due to the fact that galvanized steel is not as tough as stainless.

The common denominator could also be its maintenance. Check the drains, wash with water, listen to the sound the disposal system makes.


  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Affordable
  • Electric overload protection technology
  • Convenient reset button


  • Durability is questionable

How Do I Know Which Garbage Disposal to Buy?

Pile of food illustration

Yes, these may be the best garbage disposals in the market. But how would you know which one is the right one for you?

Here’s a quick buying guide you can refer to when choosing!

Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed

There are essentially two different kinds of quiet garbage disposals: continuous feed and batch feed.

Both continuous and batch feed garbage disposal types grind leftover food scraps down the drain, so there is no worry on that front. This is mostly down to personal preference, waste type, and food waste quantity.

Let’s get down to their pros and cons.

Continuous feed is by far the most common type of garbage disposal and the more convenient type. 

  • With this type, the continuous feed garbage disposal turns on via switch, completing the electric current and bringing power for it to operate.
  • While it is grinding, you can throw in new food wastes, hence the name continuous feed.
  • However, in doing so – keeping the continuous feed garbage disposal on while doing things – takes up a significant amount of energy. So, it would be wiser to do it after everything is done.

Batch feed disposals are similar to the aforementioned, except they need a special cork-like cover to begin operation. 

  • You cannot add new food scraps to these garbage disposals while it is in operation.
  • This is only inconvenient in theory, but if you dispose in batches, then there is not much difference between the two.
  • Safety-wise, the batch feed disposal is definitely safer since they need to have their cover on while operating. Fingers will not accidentally get ground up and sent to the septic tank.

Horse Power Ratings

The horsepower will tell you what kind of food this garbage disposal can grind up.

Power is a clue into which disposal would best suit your needs. Things to remember are more power means a bigger motor, and if the decibel level is an issue, go one level up on your horsepower for a more quiet machine.

  • 1/3 horsepower is the lowest type. I recommend it for limited use only and if the food can be disposed of easily, like fruits and vegetables.
  • 1/2 horsepower is ideal for households of 1-2 people and has enough power for general kitchen waste. It is reportedly enough to grind some bones, but I wouldn’t risk it.
  • 3/4 horsepower is more common in households as it’s recommended for households of 4.  These types of garbage disposals usually come with sound protection features, so it produces a lot less sound than a 1/2 horsepower disposal. It is also a lot bigger and does not jam as quickly.
  • 1 horsepower is the most powerful disposal available. It has enough power to grind chicken bones or coffee grounds. If the kitchen is busy, then this is worth looking into.


Warranty can range from a year to a lifetime for garbage disposals.

Although, this is not the basis of how long the garbage disposal will last. If you are not very plumbing savvy, good warranty is helpful when you have problems. Some companies have parts and labor for free, if still under warranty.

Grinding Chamber

Stainless steel is a good choice for garbage disposal units because the level of sharpness is better in chopping up waste, has more power, and it also adds durability.

Stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant, which is useful since most waste washes down the drain. 


Disposals with sound insulating systems or sound seal technology are tell-tales of quiet garbage disposals. These features aim to reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Understanding the Status & Capability of Your Garbage Disposal

Water flowing into sink illustration

Sometimes, garbage disposals can make weird noises. That noise can tell you about the product status or capability.

It usually means something the garbage disposal cannot grind. Even the quiet ones can reach a high noise level, so, don’t be alarmed and listen.

  • Tin-like sound – most likely from some kind of metal, like from food packaging or metal scrubbing pads. The latter disintegrated over time and bits and pieces may have fallen down the drain, disrupting the quiet.
  • Large Clunk and Abrupt Quiet – usually a bone fragment. If the horsepower is strong enough, it will work its way through the system.
  • Vibrating wooden sound – indicates the mounting screws need to be tightened.
  • Grinding from within the garbage disposal – bearings, what keeps the blades spinning smoothly, may be worn.

The Garbage Disposal For You

pile of fruits illustration

Batch Feeding

There are two batch feed disposal units we mentioned above, and both were from Insinkerator. These two are the InSinkErator Evolution Essential and the InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control. Both of which are excellent garbage disposals.

They are similar in price, have the same specs – including the sound seal technology – and come from the same manufacturer.  So, not much to debate on.

However, the Evolution Essential would be the way to go for this one. It has a nice large button that is easily seen and very quiet, which a lot of users enjoy.  Installation is quick and easy, and not to mention the grinder is made of durable, stainless steel.

Never has food waste management been such a breeze.

Both also have a 3-bolt mounting, which is sturdier than an EZ mount and more durable. It can also be tightened to reduce noise and vibrations. However, it may be trickier to install.


If safety is the biggest concern, which is fair enough since stainless steel metal blades and fingers do not make a pleasant picture, then the InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control is a good choice for you.

The magnet cover technology of this garbage disposal ensures no one will accidentally have unwanted things grounded since it only operates when the cover is on.  All the waste goes in before it is switched on and pulverized.

Small Family

If you do not have a lot of food waste to dispose of and are on a budget, the KitchenAid KCDB250G Garbage Disposal is a great option.  It is still good for a family of four and can hold up to 26 ounces of waste.


Repeating the fact that the Waste King L-8000 was the most successful in the legend series because it is evident why. It definitely rivals the InSinkErator Essential on the quietest garbage disposals in the market.

It comes with an EZ mount which proves easy installation, which makes the splash guard easy to remove.  The bottom sides of a splash guard easily get dirty due to waste remnants, so this a definite pro.

For those that cannot afford the InSinkErator Essential, the Waste King from the legend series is a great option.

Final Verdict

Our Top Choice

The second best garbage disposal is the Waste King L-8000 because it can power grind food at a speed of 2800rpm, keeps the drain from clogging, has a decent price tag, and is stainless steel.

It is durable, effective, but not all that quiet, which is the only reason it did not take the top spot.

The top one and king of the quietest garbage disposals is the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. While the speed may be slower, there’s a lot of technology to keep it from clogging. It has three grinders, two jam prevention, and soundproofing to keep the noise level low.

Yes, it’s quite pricey, but if you can spend the money on it, it is a great investment to keep your kitchen clean, fresh-smelling, and quiet.


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