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5 Best Quiet Performance Mufflers for a Quiet Engine

Quiet Performance Muffler

Most vehicles come with a car muffler to help lessen the noise coming from its noisy exhaust system. But you might ask, how well do other mufflers perform to the one I already have?

The exhaust system is one of the loudest to emit noises from your car. While driving, this loud engine roars whenever you press the accelerator.

If you’re someone who dreads this noise, having the right quiet performance muffler would come in handy.

Using a quiet muffler allows you to control the sound coming from your car engine. With this, you could enjoy a noise-free ride when you’re conversing or when you’re stuck in traffic.

There are many quiet muffler features and qualities to consider. Especially when choosing one that best reduces exhaust sound. Here are some of the best quiet performance mufflers for you to go over:

Best Value for Money
Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler
Best Overall
Vibrant 1142
Best Budget Pick
Dynomax 17748
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Our Top Quiet Performance Muffler

To save you time from more researching, we’ve listed below the top 5 quietest performance mufflers offered in the market.

Dealing with noise when driving could be stressful. Specifically, when your car’s exhaust system makes a loud roar. A quiet and stress-free feeling is what most of us would like to have when on the road.

1. Vibrant 1142

Best Overall

Vibrant 1142 2

The Vibrant 1142 is a stainless steel muffler that’s quiet and efficient. It enhances the performance of your exhaust system.

Its material is of T304 stainless steel material, which resists heat, corrosion, and rusting. This muffler isn’t quick to deteriorate, which is sure to last for a long time.

Design-wise, the muffler has a classy look that blends well with any car. Its polished material makes it aesthetically pleasing. Who wouldn’t want an attractive muffler to go with their vehicle?

The muffler also comes with a resonator and a large chamber. These absorb the sound waves and vibrations from your exhaust flow.

This muffler contains sound sound-dampening components that reduce 90% of your exhaust noise.

In case your muffler comes with any defects, it also comes with a 5-year warranty.

If you prefer a muffler that offers exceptional quietness and engine performance, this one is worth considering.


  • Large chamber and resonator
  • Durable T304 Stainless Steel
  • 5-year warranty for defects


  • Doesn’t fit all vehicles
  • Vehicle may be loud when cold-starting

2. Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler

Best Value for Money

Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler 2

The Magnaflow 10416 Exhaust Muffler is one of the competitive performance mufflers in the market. Its brand is famous for manufacturing mufflers and other automobile parts.

It’s built from 100% stainless steel material, which makes the muffler resistant to heat or oxidation. This muffler is strong enough to resist any weather conditions.

The muffler comes with a unique and aesthetic polish to look good on your car. For extra durability, you may coat its body with rust-proof spray. The pipe is wide open, with a 2.5-inch inlet.

Its pipe contains acoustical fiber and free-flowing materials that dampen noise. This creates a quiet and deep tone sound, which is smooth to hear on the road.

A key feature of this stainless steel muffler is its universal design fit. It fits well in your personal car and even on trucks. You don’t have to worry about being too specific with this muffler.

It’s a reputable brand that offers great performance and quiet features at an affordable price. If these features are what you’re looking for in a muffler, this is a good option for you!


  • Acoustical fibers for sound deadening
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Wide-open and aesthetic design


  • Occasionally too loud

3. Dynomax 17748

Best Budget Pick

Dynomax 17748 2

The Dynomax 17748 is popular for functionality and noise control among other mufflers. This muffler is commonly mostly used for heavy-duty engines.

Most users rate it as the best quiet performance muffler for its affordable price. Its functionality competes against other luxurious mufflers in the market.

It’s of T304 stainless steel material, which is resistant to corrosion and rust. This muffler is durable, and you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating over time.

For its dimensions, its inlet and outlet measure 2.5 inches. This makes it compatible with most vehicles.

This stainless steel muffler comes with strong noise absorption materials. It has fiberglass matting to absorb the noise and vibrations from your engine.

Additionally, the muffler’s high airflow passage produces a sporty sound. This happens when an airflow as high as 700 SCFM enters the pipe.

If your purpose for buying is to solve your exhaust’s noise problems, this quiet and affordable muffler would be best for you!


  • Fiberglass mat for noise absorption
  • Creates a sporty and quiet sound
  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Might require an adapter

4. Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit

Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit 2

The Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit is an aluminized steel muffler that has a universal fit. This is an affordable muffler that produces a quiet sound and good engine performance.

Its aluminized steel material makes it resistant to corrosion. This muffler is ideal for hot or dry weather conditions and will serve you well in the long run.

The muffler comes with 2 perforated tubes for improved stability. It also has an offset 2” inside diameter inlet and center outlet

Its internal chambers and pipes allow a great amount of exhaust flow. The muffler also modifies the air sound that enters through it, making it quiet.

Its sound deadening design is effective in reducing your car’s noise level. This muffler also provides ease of installation, which is convenient.

These sound-reducing features are great for those who don’t want to spend too much. It also offers a 90-day guarantee for defects, but it doesn’t come with installation costs.

If your purpose for buying is to get the best quiet performance with a universal fit, this option would best suit you!


  • Internal pipes and chambers for noise reduction
  • Durable aluminized steel material
  • Easy installation
  • 90-day guarantee for defects


  • May require some adapters and clamps

5. SLP 31062 Loud Mouth Bullet Type Resonator

SLP 31062 Loud Mouth Bullet Type Resonator 2

The SLP 31062 Loud Mouth Bullet Type Resonator comes with a bullet design that muffles vibrations and noises. It’s capable of converting these noises into a quieter sound.

It has a durable and polished stainless steel material that is resistant to corrosion, rusting, and heat. The muffler’s strong steel exterior can take a high toll on damages despite its frequent use.

Design-wise, its bullet shape, and polished exterior make it look attractive on your car. If you prefer a sleek look for your car, this muffler blends well.

The muffler has a high volume to dampen sound because of its dimension. Its inlet measures 2.5 inches, while its outer diameter is 4 inches. It also has a thick build, which allows its walls to trap the noise inside.

Its long and wide size makes it effective in dispersing noise within the exhaust system. It’s exactly 19 inches long, which is sure to give you the greatest noise reduction.

I would recommend you to check first if this muffler will fit your car. Specifically because the SLP 31062 Loud Mouth Resonator doesn’t come with a universal fit for all cars.

This muffler is expensive, but it also comes with 2 resonators. If this product is what suits your preferred functionality and taste, this is an excellent muffler to get.


  • Long and wide dimensions for effective sound reduction
  • Durable and aesthetic stainless steel material
  • Comes with 2 resonators


  • Not compatible with all cars

Qualities of a Quiet Performance Muffler

We’ve discussed the quietest performance muffler options that are worth getting your hands on.

Each of them come with their own unique set of exceptional features.

Choosing the most suitable muffler reduces engine noises greatly, so it could be a tough decision to make, especially when they’re all competitive.

Here are some qualities to look into when choosing a good quiet muffler to achieve a quieter exhaust system:

Qualities of a Quiet Performance Muffler

#1 Sound Effectiveness

It’s important to consider how effective your car muffler reduces exhaust noise. Others might prefer a muffler that improves engine power and fuel efficiency.

Choosing an effective muffler boils down to how it controls engine noise. A good way to know your muffler’s sound is through its size and capacity for engine airflow.

Mufflers with many chambers and turns allow more passage exhaust flow through your engine. These chambers reduce noise levels, creating a more quiet sound quality.

The best mufflers dampen exhaust noise, enhance engine power, and lessen the consumption of fuel. Luckily, there are mufflers that can achieve the perfect balance between all.

#2 Muffler Size

Before you spend your money buying a muffler that won’t fit your exhaust, it’s best to know your exhaust size. This also includes knowing the type of exhaust, the area for fitting, and its exhaust pipe diameter.

Most mufflers are for universal effectiveness. Not all cars come with the same exhaust system size as well. There are various muffler options and sizes designed for different types of cars.

If your car comes with a single exhaust system, it should be easy for you to choose a muffler similar in design. For dual exhaust systems, your options should be tailor-fitted to their specs.

You must also inspect the area where you’ll attach the muffler to. To fit your muffler onto the car, you must determine how much space it needs.

Make sure your muffler’s diameter also matches the inlet pipe’s diameter for full effectiveness.

If you’re particular in choosing one that’s most compatible with your car, this is an important feature to look into.

#3 Base Material

If the muffler’s durability is what concerns you, you should be particular with its base material. Your muffler’s base material will determine how long it will serve you in the long run.

Driving on the daily could expose your car to different weather conditions. A quality base material is able to resist heat or rain. This could lead to corrosion, rusting, oxidation, and deterioration.

If the muffler’s durability is what concerns you, you should be particular with its base material. Your muffler’s base material will determine how long it will serve you in the long run.

To prevent these from happening, make sure you look for types that best resist any weather conditions.

Aluminized Steel

Aluminized steel has a high heat resistance, which is good to use for hot weather conditions. Because it’s a good thermal conductor, it works well for areas with dry climates.

It comes with an aluminized coating to resist corrosion and rusting well. But if your muffler’s coating gets scratched, it exposes the affected area to oxidation.

For its size, this makes your muffler a bit thicker. Although thicker in size, it’s easier to weld and customize to fit your exhaust.

Aluminized steel is durable to last you up to 10 years. It’s also a more affordable option compared to stainless steel if you’re on a tight budget.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel material is durable and aesthetically pleasing for your muffler. It has a better resistance against elements that cause corrosion and rusting, making it suitable for any type of weather.

Compared to aluminized steel, stainless steel is lighter to use for your car. But if you’re looking to customize your muffler, this material is harder to bend or weld.

Stainless steel comes in two different types of grades, depending on your use and preference. For the best quality and durability, stainless 304 is a marine-grade material.

It’s capable of resisting elements and salts. Additionally, its lifespan could also be up to 20 years.

For universal or industry purposes, stainless 409 is a more affordable option. It’s often used for vehicle mufflers and it contains less chromium. It is also aesthetically pleasing and will last you up to 8 years.


Titanium mufflers are strong and rigid materials. Because it’s much stronger than stainless steel, it also comes at an expensive cost.

This type of material is the lightest, so you don’t have to worry about adding weight to your car. It’s also more capable of resisting heat, rusting, and stains compared to other materials.

It’s known to balance airflow and engine power, without compromising the performance of your exhaust. This light-density muffler also creates a more metallic sound.

#4 Price

There’s no limit on how much you wish to invest in the best quiet muffler for you. Certain factors such as the type of muffler and base material are what impact its value.

Before buying one, make sure you consider all the qualities mentioned first. Not all expensive mufflers will give you the best performance.

There are many competitive mufflers that perform effectively in terms of quietness and engine power at a reasonable price.

Benefits of a Quiet Performance Muffler

Your car may already come with its own muffler, but over time even factory-built parts deteriorate. This could cause your exhaust pipe to emit loud exhaust system noises that are uncomfortable when you drive.

It may also affect the performance and condition of your exhaust system. There are many reasons why a quiet muffler is beneficial for improving the sound and quality of your car’s exhaust.

We’ve listed below the top reasons to consider why you should get a quiet performance muffler:

Benefits of a Quiet Performance Muffler

1. Enhance Engine Performance

A muffler helps by allowing more airflow into the car’s exhaust pipe. The more airflow that travels within the exhaust, the more horsepower your engine gets.

The straight-through muffler type would be the most ideal for refining your engine power. If you’re looking to boost your car engine power, many quiet mufflers provide this function.

2. Control Noise Levels

There are different types of mufflers that come with similar features for airflow and sound dampening.

Mufflers are also capable of producing different sounds because not all have the same components.

Each has its own chambers, perforated tubes, baffles, and sound insulation to create its own sound. There are different types of mufflers that come with similar features for airflow and sound dampening.

If you wish to control your exhaust noise level, getting a quiet muffler makes it possible to achieve your preferred sound.

3. Fuel Efficiency

A muffler functions by creating more passage for airflow into your car’s exhaust pipe. By improving the airflow, this will increase the amount of fuel used by your engine.

Using the right quiet muffler allows for efficient fuel usage. This could save you more costs on fuel consumption

How a Quiet Muffler Works

When gas flows through your exhaust pipes, it also carries noise along with them. Factors such as the pipe’s length and diameter help disperse the energy and sound traveling through it.

The exhaust gas then flows into your catalytic converter. This reduces harmful gasses by restricting airflow. Some mufflers allow airflow passage through many perforated tubes and a baffle.

For noise and energy control, the location of the muffler between the catalytic converter and the tailpipe is important.

Other mufflers also allow a reverse flow, in which the air changes direction many times before reaching the tailpipe

Types of Quiet Mufflers

Many types of mufflers operate differently, but all function to lessen noise. To find out which among them is the quietest, we’ve listed below three main types of mufflers:

1. Chambered Muffler

From the name itself, a chambered muffler comes with many compartments or chambers. Once airflow travels within it, its baffles and mechanism cause the sound waves to deflect inside the pipe.

It also improves the airflow of your exhaust which also increases your engine’s power. This type of muffler is also ideal for lesser fuel consumption.

Compared to the loudest mufflers, these emit a metallic growl. It’s most suitable for muscle or streetcars.

2. Glass Pack Muffler

This muffler is also known as the straight-through. Design-wise, it’s simple with a perforated core tube. The key features that set this muffler apart from others are its sound-deadening components.

Its tube comes with strong materials such as fiberglass, stone wool, and steel wool. It has a straightened pipe that increases airflow, which also improves your engine power.

Although glass pack mufflers have continuous flow, they don’t reduce the loudness of your exhaust. This makes the glass pack the loudest muffler among all types.

3. Turbo Muffler

The turbo muffler incorporates both the chamber and glass pack functions. What makes turbo mufflers different is the design of their perforated tubes.

With this muffler, the airflow travels through S-shaped tubes. Turbo mufflers flow much faster and improve engine power well.

Compared to other mufflers, a turbo muffler is quieter due to its strong sound-deadening materials such as fiberglass.

If you want the quietest muffler, the turbo muffler is what you should look out for. It balances the airflow and fuel consumption, allowing a deeper sound.

How Can I Make My Performance Exhaust Quieter?

2 men installing a muffler

If your performance exhaust is louder than others, it may be that it’s too powerful for your car. It could also be that your exhaust is getting old.

Over time, your exhaust pipe is prone to rust and leakages, which could cause it to sound off. It’s best to make sure you check whether your exhaust has holes. This could cause your car to release smoke or puddles.

Here are some ways to enhance the quietness of your performance exhaust:

Fix Leakages

If your exhaust is leaking, this could be from the holes and rust on your exhaust. Others won’t immediately focus on replacing their muffler if they’re looking for quicker solutions.

There are products to patch up the holes on your exhaust pipe. Depending on how large the hole is, it’s important to choose a suitable material.

For smaller holes, using heat-resistant epoxy or a heat wrap tape is as hard as metal. This material cures fast and is sturdy enough to prevent any leakages.

If you want to patch up a larger hold, epoxy might not be enough. Muffler cement would be a good amount that’s enough to cover large exhaust holes.

Before applying any of these, make sure that the exhaust pipe is rust-free. If your entire exhaust has rust and holes, it might be time for you to replace it.

Replace Your Muffler

A muffler is an important part of your car’s exhaust that helps noise reduction. Each muffler has its own sound deadening components, but all types function to absorb sound.

Those mentioned on our list were the top quietest mufflers offered in the market. Choosing the best muffler delivers a quieter ride for you.

There are many factors that make up quiet performance mufflers such as engine size, horsepower, and pipe dimensions. These factors are what you should consider when replacing your muffler.


This type of product is something that you can install within a muffler to reduce noise. A silencer makes the opening of your exhaust more narrow.

With a silencer, the sound passing through your muffler becomes quieter. The installation process is as simple as inserting it into the pipe.

Make sure you choose a silencer that suits your exhaust while reducing its noise well. You’ll see it’s the fastest solution to your loud exhaust problem.

Our Top Choice

Our top choice

Have you decided on the best quiet performance muffler of your choice? Excited to replace your old muffler with a quiet one?

There are various mufflers that come with a lot of competitive features. We understand how this could be a tough decision to make.

Before you get too excited and buy one, make sure you look into all the qualities that match your preferred muffler qualities and purpose.

If you’re after the best features, quietness, and engine performance, the Vibrant 1142 is our recommended product.

For a universal muffler that balances sound absorption and car engine power, the MagnaFlow 10416 Exhaust Muffler would be the best option.

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