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8 Best Quiet Washing Machines to Make Laundry More Bearable

Silent Home Hub Quiet Washing Machines

Looking for a quiet washing machine? 

We tend to overlook the importance of noise and how it may affect our sleep, focus, and even disturb our neighbors.

If you’re on the lookout for a quieter replacement for your home appliances, you’re in luck.

By the end of this review, you’ll have:

  • A better washing machine
  • Better sleep & productivity
  • Less stress

Most of all, washing your clothes will finally become a peaceful activity rather than an irritating chore buzzing constantly in your ears.

Most Quiet
RCA RPW091 0.9 cu. ft.
Best Overall
Frigidaire FAHE4044MW Affinity High Efficiency Top Load Washer 
Best Budget Pick
Panda Compact Washer 1.60 cu. ft.
Table of Contents

Our Picks for the Best Quiet Washing Machines

We listed down eight of the best quiet washing machines on the market. These quiet machines will make your laundry chore more bearable.

1. Frigidaire FAHE4044MW Affinity High Efficiency Top Load Washing Machine

Best Overall

Frigidaire FAHE4044MW Affinity High Efficiency Top Load Washer with Glass Top 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Has 14 wash cycles and 2 Specialty cycles
  • Vibration Control System for optimal quiet operation
  • 800 RPM spin speed

The Frigidaire FAHE4044MW top load washer model stands slightly different from an average washing machine, even against the Haier models.

Most washing machines only have an average of 4 to 8 wash cycles and water levels. The Frigidaire model has 14 wash cycles, making sure you get an effective wash cycle and quality results. This feature makes this one of the best quiet washing machine options on this list!

It also has 2 specialty cycles, which is a special Immersion Care wash cycle that’s great for washing clothes with sensitive fabrics. It can clean 3.4 cubic feet of clothes, so you’ll be saving some space for your clothes with this model’s wash capacity.

You also have a clear top-loading design to monitor your clothes while they’re being washed.

The highlight of the Frigidaire model is its Vibration Reduction Technology, which ensures all loads are quietly balanced.


  • Multiple wash cycles
  • Quiet
  • High-performance rating
  • Less vibration
  • Clear top-loading glass design


  • Not portable

2.  RCA RPW091 0.9 cu ft

Most Quiet

RCA 1.9 cu ft 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Dries clothes astoundingly fast
  • Can easily fit in small living spaces and apartments
  • Good usability and low maintenance
  • Works almost like full-sized load washers

At an affordable price, the RCA 1.9 cu. ft. washer is a quiet washing machine worth the spend. Many users exclaim how it’s one of the best purchases they’ve ever made, since their long list of top load washers. 

Yes, it may be a compact washer, but it’s just as effective and powerful. The RCA 1.9 cu. ft. dries clothes astoundingly fast and its performance even surprised me the first few times I used it. 

With the speed, power, and capacity at your side, you can expect a speedy washing process and even fit a whole bedsheet load without any problems. 

Finally, this washing machine is meant to last. Even at nearly two years of usage, no problems have been encountered, and it hasn’t slowed down at all in power or effectiveness. 


  • Price-friendly
  • Quick dry time
  • Good durability
  • Great load capacity
  • Compact Size


  • Some units arrive with defective parts

3. Panda Compact Washer 1.60 cu. ft. High-End Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine

Best Budget Pick

Panda Compact Washer 1.60cu.ft, High-End Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Has an electronic touchpad control for easy operation
  • Easy to move around and bring along
  • Stainless steel tub offers great durability
  • Anti-vibration and noise reduction technology

This quiet washing machine is a space saver must-have for your home. 

With a volume capacity of 11 loads and 6 wash cycles, the Panda Compact Washer is best suited for families living in condominiums, apartments, or at home.

The design comes with an electronic touchpad control that’s easy to operate along with an LED display. At the bottom of the top load washer are two roller wheels that allow easier movement around home or your living space.

This washing machine also works with hot and cold water, has a see-through lid, and the tub is stainless steel.

If you have plans of going on a vacation trip, you can easily snug this top load washer in your RV. It’s one of the few washing machines compact enough that offer great mobility.


  • Silent operation
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Great mobility & portability
  • Big capacity load washer


  • Not very efficient with large loads

4. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Quiet Operation
  • 1-cubic-foot stainless steel tub that can be loaded up to 6 pounds
  • Has a quick-connect sink adapter that you can connect to a faucet for faster water intake
  • Clear top-loading design for quick laundry inspection

Here we have the Haier HLP21N washing machine. It’s a 1 cubic foot stainless-steel tub with a capacity for 6-pound loads. 

You can choose up to 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles. It’s also not confusing to use and doesn’t have any other complicated features.

What’s good about this quiet washing machine is that it’s portable, silent, and efficiently washes your clothes. It has a clear top-loading design that lets you check your laundry while it’s running.

It measures approximately 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30 inches. You can best bet that this washing machine won’t be a nuisance if you’re looking to save space.


  • LED display
  • Easy to use
  • Great for small spaces
  • Best suited for baby clothes or delicate clothing material
  • Convenient sink adapter for fast water intake


  • Wash load can cause thumping sounds if not balanced
  • Only 3 water levels

5. Best Choice Products Mini Twin Tub Laundry

Best Choice Products Mini Twin Tub Laundry 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Both washer and dryer can be used all at once
  • Gravity drain system lets water drain automatically
  • Has a 15 minute timer per wash and a 5 minute timer per spin cycle

The dimensions of the Best Choice Products Mini Twin Tub Laundry is 24 in. by 13.5 in. by 26 in. If you need both portability and compactness for a washing machine, it’s best to get this while you can.

It can handle 13 pounds of laundry, 8 pounds for the washer, and 5 pounds for the spin cycle. With a maximum spin speed of 1,300 rpm, you can expect that the wash cycles and spin action will be done easily and efficiently.

Even with a 1,300 spin speed cycle, what’s surprising is how it still functions quietly. When using the washing machine, it runs with a maximum frequency of 60Hz.

You can never go wrong with a portable, lightweight quiet washing machine. 

The Best Choice Products Mini Twin Tub Laundry may be the right one to purchase if you need to get things done as quickly as possible, and it’s one of the most price-friendly washing machines lying around.


  • Low-noise spin cycle
  • Portable
  • Wash & dry simultaneously


  • Some of the parts are fragile and can break easily

6. Giantex Full Automatic 1.34 cu. ft. Washing Machine

Giantex 1.34 cu ft washing machine 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Compact size makes it easy to store 
  • Various programs to add improved convenience & control to your washing
  • Automatic Imbalance Adjustment feature reduces vibrations and noise 
  • Great for small to medium-sized living spaces

The Giantex 1.34 cu. ft Full Automatic comes with 10 programs and 8 water level settings to provide any user with a high convenience of accessible features, not to mention an LED display for easy reading. 

When it comes to load capacity, it’s not ideal for washing large loads and ideally, it falls under a small to medium classification. Due to its compact size, this washing machine is portable, easy to transport around your home, and it’s also a space saver. 

If the load becomes too full or “imbalanced,” the Giantex Full Automatic features an Automatic Imbalance Adjustment to solve the problem and adjust accordingly to reduce any vibration noise level

Many users commend the Giantex Full Automatic for its quietness and storage capabilities. Just make sure you don’t fill the load too much. 

Finally, the inner tub features a stainless steel design and comes with a built-in drain pump and drain pipe for an easy washing job. 


  • Quiet; minimal vibration
  • Easy transport and maneuverability
  • Offers a wide range of settings and programs
  • Energy efficient
  • Drain hose is easy to locate


  • Air Dry functionality isn’t as great
  • No splash guard

7. RCA Curtis RPW210 2.1 cu. ft. Washer

RCA Curtis RPW210 2.1 cu ft 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Large washing capacity you can even fit a King-size comforter
  • Compact size makes it easy to fit in small spaces 
  • User-friendly design makes it easy to use as soon as it comes out of the box

Granted, the RCA Curtis 2.1 cu. Ft. washer doesn’t come with the most features, but it gets more than just the job done. 

Although simple, that might be the reason why it’s a top contender on this list of quiet washing machines. To give you a glimpse of its best features: compact, durable, and affordable

It comes with 6 wash cycles: quick, normal, cotton, jeans, air-dry, and anti-wrinkle. Programming is done through touchpad controls and LED indicator lights. 

What surprised me is how you could fit a king-size comforter in it without worry and hassle at all! The best part? This powerhouse washer is compact enough to fit into small spaces. 

If you decide to get this washer, it’s not ideal for a big family but for 2 to 4 people at most. It’s also highly efficient, user-friendly, and has great functionality. 


  • Portable
  • Great functionality
  • Easily fits in small spaces
  • Large washing power & capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • User-friendly


  • Some units come with a crack
  • Customer support isn’t as great

8. BLACK+DECKER BPWM16W Portable Washer

Black and Decker BPWM16W Portable Washer 2

Benefits of this Washing Machine

  • Comes with 6 wash cycles and 3 water level settings
  • Auto shut off technology for protection and safety, especially for kids
  • Great for smaller, compact spaces
  • Built-in roller wheels and side handles for improved mobility

As a last entry on our list, the Black + Decker is a portable, compact washer with a sleek body design. Its frame also includes built-in side handles and two roller wheels, allowing easier mobility and transport around your living space.

With regards to capacity, the Black + Decker features a 1.6 cu. ft. capacity of up to 11 lbs of laundry load per cycle. You’ll also have access to an LED display that makes it easier to use and improves readability.

There are only 6 wash cycles; however, operating this washer is extremely easy. You won’t have any problems with how to operate the machine overall. Black + Decker provides a lint filter, which they recommend should be cleaned once a month.

It’s worth noting that this washer must be used only with cold water and is ideal for High Efficient Detergents as well.

One of the highlight features of the Black + Decker portable washer is how quiet it is even during the spin cycle. Many users raved about its smooth and quiet operation.

Finally, we’d recommend this washer for smaller living spaces like apartments, RV’s, and dorms.


  • Quiet operation
  • Easy mobility and transport
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use


  • Noise becomes noticeable after 10 washes

What You Need to Look for In the Best Quiet Washing Machine

Out of all these 8 quiet washing machines, one of them certainly has your attention. Even if you’ve already decided on which to take home, it’s still beneficial to weigh the importance of features and which one matters.

These are important questions most buyers look for in washing machines.

How many dB Does a Quiet Washing Machine Have?

If you really need a “super” quiet washing machine, then the lowest you can get out is around 47 dB. Note that there is no such thing as a completely quiet washing machine.

All washing machines generate some form of noise and even white noise may be one of the best alternatives technology can offer today.

The RCA RPW091 quiet washing machine is able to achieve this quietness. The spin speed and power are also impressive for a compact washer that allows efficient and effective washing.

If you want a second option, the Panda Compact Washer isn’t too bad. Both are also within the budget-friendly range and the gap in their decibel range isn’t too wide either.

Whichever washing machine you go for, it would be ideal to also make use of vibration pads for washing machines to dampen the sound waves and loud vibrations.

washing machine in a dark room

Easy to Operate or Advanced Features?

Numerous home appliances have evolved. An easy-to-use appliance nowadays is far from single-button operations. Most appliances already cover several functions and features that make a simple look complex 40 years ago.

Times have changed, but in many ways for the better. Even an electronic control panel with a wide variety of features and functions can still be easy to operate. And this highly depends on how design manufacturers treat overall user experience.

Advanced features are fascinating to have but they’re worth thinking twice for. Would you prefer a washing machine that gets the job done efficiently or a washing machine that offers smart technology?

Person operating a washing machine

Quite frankly, the best answer here is to find a balance. Easy and simple might be great, but advanced features could also mean vibration reduction technology, noise reduction, and eco-mode features to provide you with less noise and energy consumption.

Think hard about it.

The Haier HLP21N is a simple, quiet washing machine that doesn’t have a lot of fancy features but can guarantee quality cleaning.

But if you want precision with your washing or drying, the Giantex Full Automatic comes with a ton of programmable wash settings, not to mention it’s perfect for handling large laundry loads.

Does Laundry Capacity Matter As Much?

Man removing clothes from washing machine

This highly depends on your living conditions.

Do you live by yourself? With your spouse? or do you live with a group of three or four like a family?

You don’t need a huge capacity load if you’re by yourself because you’d only be wasting money that way.

A top load washer may have a smaller capacity. But it can fit in most small spaces compared to a front load washer.

Some can go as high as 5 cubic feet, but if you don’t live with a large family, load washers with 5 cubic feet capacity isn’t necessary. The Frigidaire FAHE4044MW, on the other hand, can do up to 1 cubic feet of laundry load, which is ideal for 1 – 2 people in a living space.

This feature is essential because more laundry loads also mean more water used. The more water used, the higher your utility bills as well.


Our top choice for the best quiet washing machine goes to Frigidaire FAHE4044MW Affinity High Efficiency Top Load Washing Machine.

Out of all the 8 load washers mentioned, it has low noise level with several features. This top load washer can also clean clothes just as excellent with several wash options while using its anti-vibration feature.

The number two spot in this best quiet washing machine review goes to the Panda Compact Washer.

The price is very affordable and is a space saver for those who want to soundproof their laundry room. It has a good number of options and can take in quite a large capacity load. It’s quiet, easy to install, and easy to move around!


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