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Hushmat vs Dynamat: The Best Sound Deadener for Your Car?

Silent Home Hub Hushmat vs Dynamat

Finding one of the best sound deadening products is ESSENTIAL if you enjoy going on long quiet car rides.

It helps improve the car audio quality and eliminate UNWANTED NOISE, making sure your sound system shines throughout the car ride.

In this review, it’ll be a battle against two sound-deadening materials: Hushmat vs Dynamat.

We’ve already crowned Dynamat as the OVERALL CHAMPION for this challenge because of its flexibility and over-all use. Want to know why? Let’s get straight to the reviews!

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Dynamat vs. Hushmat: The Five Features Challenge

It’s time to discuss the features of these two sound deadener materials, and who among them REIGNS SUPREME in this Dynamat vs Hushmat review.

We’ll be discussing five essential features that sound-deadener materials should have:

  1. Adhesive
  2. Compatability
  3. Coating
  4. Flexibility
  5. Field of Usage

1. Adhesive

Regardless of the material, you must choose one which won’t fall off easily. Adhesives provide a means to stick to your vehicle for a LONG TIME! 

Between Dynamat and Hushmat, DYNAMAT uses a long-lasting adhesive, making this sound deadening material permanent.

Dynamat remains intact inside your vehicle, without the risk of deforming, even when exposed to an extreme temperature range. 


The same can’t be said for the Hushmat. Although it also makes use of adhesive, the material tends to peel off from your vehicle after some time.

This means you’ll have to re-apply or replace it with new material, each time it starts peeling off.

Although you spend less, you might end up paying more for the number of times you’ll have to replace and re-attach it. 

Without a doubt, Dynamat is the clear winner for this category. It’s a ONE-TIME PERMANENT INSTALLATION PROCESS, unlike the Hushmat.

Winner: Dynamat

2. Compatability

The next aspect you have to look into is the compatibility of both the Hushmat and Dynamat to adhere to different types of surfaces.

You want to make sure that the material you opt for can provide a means of noise reduction and installation, regardless of the body you attach it to.

Both are compatible with different types of surfaces. This means you won’t have any difficulty looking for a specific part of the material for your vehicle. It will also help save you a few bucks because you don’t have to look for different materials.

Although both are great when it comes to COMPATIBILITY, we still have to give this one to Dynamat for the same reason we’ve delivered on the first feature of Adhesiveness.

You won’t have to keep changing the material ever so often with Dynamat because it adheres well, unlike Hushmat.

Winner: Dynamat

3. Coating

The coating of your product is ESSENTIAL, especially when you’re talking about heat resistance and smell.

Both brands are made with extremely dense formulation PERFECT for sound and thermal insulation, a feature vital to most sound-deadening materials.

Both the Hushmat and Dynamat are ALUMINUM/FOIL COATED, which means they’re heat-resistant. Both materials fair well even if it’s exposed to extreme temperatures, and you won’t have to worry about it melting or making unpleasant smells.

We’ll have to give this one again to the Hushmat. Although the Hushmat is significantly thinner than the Dynamat, the high-density component is designed to provide excellent sound and thermal insulation without any problem.

Some people might find the thinness of the Hushmat appealing because it isn’t too bulky or hard to handle.

Without a doubt, Hushmat is EFFECTIVE at insulating both heat and sound!

Winner: Hushmat

4. Flexibility

When we talk of FLEXIBILITY, we want to ensure that the product is EASY TO INSTALL regardless of the crooks and crannies it will be installed on.

As much as possible, you want to accomplish the job without experiencing too many inconveniences. It will double the amount of time and energy you have to spend working on a project.

Hushmat and Dynamat are very flexible materials that can EASILY SOUNDPROOF any surface you attach it to. You’ll have no problem reaching any curves or corners of your vehicle.

However, the only thing that varies between the two is the thickness of the materials. The Dynamat is thicker, while the Hushmat is significantly thinner.

This means the Hushmat is EASIER TO INSTALL even on hard to reach areas and corners. Unlike the Dynamat, you might encounter some difficulties with cutting and adjusting each piece.

In terms of which is easier to install, the clear winner is the Hushmat. Its thinness makes it more flexible than the Dynamat, and easier to use.

Winner: Hushmat

5. Field of Usage

The last important feature we’ll talk about is the field of usage for both the Hushmat and Dynamat.

You want to get the most out of your money by selecting something designed to provide MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS.

Luckily, both the Hushmat and Dynamat provide a great field of usage. Not only can you expect both to be great at noise insulation, but it can also IMPROVE THE ACOUSTICS of your sounds.

Besides using both of them on your vehicle, you can also use them inside your home, where you want to reduce any road noise. You can get your money’s worth this way, without worrying about where to get your materials.

In this last feature, we’ll have to give this to the Dynamat.

It’s a great overall product, thick and adhesive enough to withstand the test of time. You won’t be needing to replace it anytime soon, whether you place it in your car or home.

Winner: Dynamat

Hushmat Review: The Sound-Deadening Contender


The Hushmat is more affordable than the Dynamat but is just as strong as a contender.

You’ll find that this is the perfect option, especially if you’re looking for sound deadeners on a budget. It provides nearly the same benefits as the Dynamat, having excellent adhesion, can reduce noise, and thermal insulation.

Unlike Dynamat, Hushmat’s material is THINNER. But despite this, it still provides more density than other competing products.

The Hushmat uses quality materials, and not just cheap plastic fillers.

Even when exposed to high temperatures, you’ll notice that the Hushmat won’t produce any foul odor nor deform anytime soon. Basically, you can’t go wrong with installing Hushmat, the budget-friendly choice!


  • Removable and easy installation process
  • Affordable sound dampening option
  • Very durable
  • Great performance


  • Limited usage
  • Not as durable as the Dynamat

Dynamat Review: The Ideal Choice


You only deserve the best product in the market, which is why Dynamat is always the PERFECT CHOICE.

You might have to spend a few extra bucks for this one because Dynamats don’t come cheap. Don’t worry though. Despite being an expensive option, Dynamat ALWAYS PERFORMS AT ITS BEST when it comes to sound dampening.

It’s an EFFICIENT automotive sound deadener product, specially engineered to cut down any unwanted road noise. It makes your car vehicle’s acoustic sound pleasant, without worrying about your loud sound system leaking out of your car.

What makes the Dynamat stand out from other sound deadeners is the DIFFERENT KITS available for your distinct car parts. Dynamat can be used for your car door, headliner, and hood.

You don’t have to worry about measuring and piecing the materials together, because all you have to do is attach the Dynamat to specific parts of your car, and you’re ready to go. When pieces are together, you’ll find that it can REDUCE NOISE by up to 9 to 18 decibels.


If you’re not yet ready to put the Dynamat in all parts of your vehicle, that’s okay! Even without the full installation process and partial coverage, you can already notice SIGNIFICANT ROAD NOISE REDUCTION.

For better results, installing this sound deadening mat in the ENTIRE CABIN of your car is always ideal to reduce cabin noise!


  • Efficient sound deadening
  • Can use Dynamat for specific car parts with its different kits
  • Excellent soundproofing even at partial coverage
  • Heat Resistant


  • More expensive than others
  • Hard to cut

Notable Distinctions: Hushmat vs Dynamat

Overall, both the Dynamat and Hushmat more or less have the same features. It’s merely a matter of PREFERENCE on your part.

But if there are notable distinctions you might have noticed between the two, it’s their thickness, price, and adhesive.


If you’re looking for a permanent automotive sound deadening installation for your car, the Dynamat is PERFECT for you.

It’s significantly thicker compared to others, which makes it more EFFECTIVE at insulating sound and noise.

The installation process might be trickier with the Dynamat, and you’ll have to cut through its thick size. But once you’ve installed it on your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about any maintenance.

Consider the Dynamat as in investment in your car. You’ll have to spend more, but it will be WOTH THE TIME AND EFFORT you’ll save in the long run.

But if it isn’t very accessible to you yet, then you can also check out some of the top Dynamat alternatives that you can use for now.


On the other hand, Hushmat makes a GREAT SOLUTION that isn’t permanent. Simply put, you can install and remove it any time because it isn’t as adhesive as the Dynamat.

Installing and removing is a breeze, thanks to its thin size. You won’t have a hard time cutting and securing them in place.

Despite being thin, it performs just as well as the Dynamat. Most importantly, it is more affordable than Dynamat. It wouldn’t feel like a waste every time you remove it from your vehicle.

To help you with your decision, we’ve summed it up for you.

Use Dynamat if:

  • You want an effective sound deadening product. It efficiently reduces noise in no time, even without full coverage.
  • You want a field of usage. The Dynamat isn’t just a great sound deadening tool. It helps address not only one problem but also other vibration or noise problems in your car.

Use Hushmat if:

  • You want a sound deadening material that’s easy to install. Because of its thin size, it’s easy to cut and place in your car.
  • You want something affordable. At its price point, this is one product that won’t disappoint you.

Conclusion on Dynamat vs. Hushmat

In this Hushmat vs Dynamat challenge, who do you ask wins? Like what we’ve said earlier, we’re giving the cake to the one and only Dynamat.

It’s one of the BEST ALL-AROUND SOUND DEADENING MATS to have, although it comes at a higher price point. Nevertheless, Hushmat competes reasonably well against Dynamat, especially at an affordable price point.

It’s a matter of preference and what you’re looking for when it comes to deciding which between the two is for you. Experience AMAZING noise reduction and better sound quality with these mats!

There are also other similar types of material you can check out, like Fatmat, Noico, Lizard Skin, and many more.


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