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Lizard Skin vs Dynamat: Best Sound Deadening Solution?

Silent Home Hub Lizard Skin vs Dynamat

The market is FULL of sound deadening solutions. Looking for the perfect product for you is both a challenge and an adventure. These materials provide a means to insulate both NOISE AND HEAT, especially when applied properly.

In this review, we’ll be discussing in GREAT DETAIL two of the most popular sound-deadening materials in the market: Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat. Both Lizard Skin and Dynamat items are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at road noise reduction, despite varying in terms of application and installation.

We hate to break it to you, but for this Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat battle, we’ve already given the crown to the Dynamat.

Want to find out why? Let’s head straight to the Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat comparison!

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Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat Features Challenge

You might be wondering about the performance of these two products, so let’s get straight to the Lizard Skin vs Dynamat comparison. It’s time to put these two sound-deadening materials AGAINST EACH OTHER!

Here, we’ll find out more about the product in terms of its features, based on the following categories:

  • Cost
  • Preparation
  • Installation
  • Effectiveness

1. Cost

An IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION when choosing a sound deadening solution is how much the materials cost. As much as possible, you want to get your money’s worth.

Comparing the two products can get a little tricky, considering how different the two are.

  • On the one hand, Dynamat as a product itself is SIGNIFICANTLY MORE EXPENSIVE than other sound deadening materials. While Lizard Skin sound control is considerably cheaper, but its installation can get pretty expensive.
  • The Lizard Skin sound control is cheaper than the Dynamat because it comes as a spray solution and is less expensive than the standard soundproofing mat. You’ll still get a good spray job with it.
  • However, note that you might have to spend more on the installation aspect, especially if you get a professional to do the job for you. Dynamat is a premium product, which explains the hefty price tag.
  • This is especially true if you plan to soundproof your entire vehicle. But one thing’s for sure when you buy Dynamat, it’s an EXCELLENT INVESTMENT.

In terms of affordability, the Lizard Skin sound control takes the cake for this one.

Winner: Lizard Skin

2. Preparation

Once you’ve spent your money on the product of your option, the next step is to spend some time preparing you and your vehicle for the INSTALLATION PROCESS!

The preparation process when using the Lizard Skin takes a CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF TIME. You might even say that the preparation takes longer than the installation itself.

  • You have to take all of your car interior to prevent unwanted damage. But doing this makes sure you properly cover every inch of your vehicle with car insulation.
  • Dynamat, on the other hand, doesn’t require too long of preparation time. All you have to do in advance is to measure the dimensions of your vehicle and cut the sound deadening mat.
  • The only difficulty you’ll encounter for this stage is cutting through the thick material of the Dynamat. Afterward, the installation process will be a breeze!

The Dynamat is the clear winner for this category because of the HASSLE-FREE preparation process.

Winner: Dynamat

3. Installation

Now that you’ve prepared your material for the actual soundproofing process, it’s time to get your hands dirty and install the item itself.

Lizard Skin is EASIER TO APPLY because of its easy spray application, and you won’t need a professional’s help. You don’t need to go through the entire cutting, measuring, and fitting process like the Dynamat.

While Dynamat’s products are also easy to apply, it can get tricky because of the THICK MATERIAL you have to work with. It would help if you got the measurements accurately, or you’ll risk having a wrong cut for your average car part.

We’ll give the crown to the Lizard Skin for this one because clearly, installation is a breeze.

Winner: Lizard Skin

4. Effectiveness

The next category for our consideration is the EFFECTIVENESS of the Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat.

  • Because the Lizard Skin uses as a spray applicator, it can cover EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY of your average car. You’re assured that sound won’t leak on any part of your vehicle.
  • Dynamat is also effective, although it’s harder to cover the entire vehicle because of the thick material. Nevertheless, once you’ve made sure to install the Dynamat in every corner of your car, you’ll find that it has TOP NOTCH soundproofing abilities.

There’s no doubt that Dynamat is more effective than the Lizard Skin. No matter how many layers of Lizard Skin you apply on your vehicle, its soundproof abilities CAN NEVER COMPARE against the Dynamat.

Although sound deadening sprays are great products, they can’t compare to the EFFECTIVENESS of soundproofing mats and other sound deadening material.

Mats are significantly better at noise reduction, getting the job done right. Thus, the clear winner for this category is the Dynamat sound deadening material.

Winner: Dynamat

Lizard Skin Review: A Good Solution

Lizard Skin spray is an EFFECTIVE NOISE REDUCTION SOLUTION, especially when you use it together with its Ceramic Insulation and Top Coat solutions for soundproofing cars.

The Ceramic Insulation helps with the thermal insulation inside your car, while the Top Coat gives your car a nice glossy finish that’s also durable.

You can opt not to use either of the two because the Lizard Skin is also a good sound deadener.

It takes a lot of commitment when you decide to use this product. You have to COMMIT to applying the product on your whole car, and no – there’s no backing out once you’ve installed the product.


You CAN’T apply the product on one part of your car and leave out the others. You’ll really have to go all the way and apply it!

In terms of application, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to apply the material. They’ll need to dismantle your car to have a safe and even application, a job that too DIFFICULT OR TRICKY for a simple DIY job.

  • Though it uses an air compressor powered gun, it still requires more than just one spray gun top coat and may take an ENTIRE DAY to finish!
  • The spray gun will still help speed up the process though. Just make sure that you know how to use the spray gun properly.
  • That being the case, you might have to spend a few more bucks ESPECIALLY if you want to add the Ceramic Insulation and Top Coat.

Nevertheless, you can expect the Lizard Skin soundproofing spray to be a great noise reduction solution for your car!


  • Cheaper compared to Dynamat
  • The entire car is soundproof
  • Easy installation with proper material preparation
  • It uses a spray gun for application. No laborious cutting involved
  • Ceramic insulation with glossy finish


  • Requires professional assistance
  • Hard and messy installation

Dynamat Review: The Best in The Market

The next product for our review is the one and only Dynamat Xtreme, still hailing as one of the BEST SOUND DEADENING MATS in the market.

Though it costs SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than other items out there, you’ll soon realize that the extra cost you spent is worth it because it’s an EXCELLENT sound deadener.

If you’re looking for a great noise reduction material, Dynamat Xtreme has proven itself to be RELIABLE AND EFFECTIVE in its sound deadening capabilities!

  • Unlike the Lizard Skin, which requires a spray application, the Dynamat Xtreme needs some cutting involved to get through the thick sound deadener material.
  • But even without applying the whole material to your entire car, you can already see significant improvements in noise and heat insulation.
  • The installation is easy, though you might have to do some cutting on the sound deadener material. However, you can always opt to ask for professional help, though it can be VERY COSTLY!
  • You can also have the Dynamat sound deadener PRE-CUT according to the dimensions of your car.

But once you’ve overcome this stage, everything will go smoothly. You’re only left with the job of attaching every part of your car with the material, and you’re good to go!


  • Reliable and effective at noise reduction
  • Easy to apply to the entire car
  • Uses a thick material
  • Great heat insulation for car


  • More expensive than other soundproofing materials
  • Requires professional help for seamless installation

Key Takeaways from the Lizard Skin vs Dynamat

Both products serve the same purpose of providing extraordinary soundproofing abilities. However, there are still some comparable differences you ought to know between the two.

Lizard Skin

There’s no doubt that it has excellent noise reduction abilities. Not only that, but it performs just as well in eliminating any road noise or vibration.

But before you make a choice, here are some noteworthy features you need to remember:


Whether you want to apply the Lizard Skin in the interior or exterior of your car, it won’t be a problem. You can easily apply the Lizard Skin on any part of your vehicle that you can paint on.


You’re assured that your car won’t suffer even under extreme temperatures. Your vehicle remains cool inside because the products provide a means to prevent heat from being transmitted inside your car.


Once you’ve applied Lizard Skin on your car, you’re guaranteed it can absorb any vibration or road noises. It’s an excellent soundproofing material, especially for many people on a budget.


The most notable difference between the Lizard Skin and other sound-deadening materials is its easy spray application. You can easily spray it on your surface without the hassle of cutting and measuring.

Use Lizard Skin if:

  • You want an affordable but reliable sound deadening solution
  • Easy spray-on application process
  • Great field of usage
  • You want an affordable but reliable sound deadening solution
  • Easy spray-on application process


Dynamat works just as well as a sound insulator, as it does in improving your car’s audio quality.

Here are some noteworthy features of the Dynamat you need to remember:


Dynamat makes use of strong adhesive, which makes it a permanent installation. You won’t expect it to peel off anytime soon, even if it’s exposed to high temperatures.


The aluminum coating of the Dyanamat helps enhance its heat absorption abilities. Through this feature, you won’t expect the heat to get inside your car anytime soon.


Luckily, Dynamat is compatible with any car surface. You can use and attach it on any surface without worrying about it going loose.


Dynamat has many uses. Not only does it soundproof your vehicle, but it works just as well as a heat insulator. Most importantly, it can even enhance the overall sound quality of your car.


Despite being made of thick material, the Dynamat is flexible enough to install. Whether you plan on installing it on corners or curves, the Dynamat won’t give you a headache.

Use Dynamat if:

  • You want an established premium item
  • Reliable sound and heat insulation via aluminum
  • If you want to make a permanent installation

Final Winner: Dynamat

Now that you’ve gotten to know both products well in this vs. challenge, it’s time to give this win to Dynamat. Although in the features challenge, both brands achieved a tie score.

Be that as it may, Dynamat’s features and wide advantages make it a champion in this contest.

  • Dynamat is a reputable item, and it’s known to be a great sound and heat insulator. Many people have used it before and have continued to love it even after many years later.
  • Dynamat’s sound deadeners’ prices make up for its quality and effectiveness, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to soundproof their vehicle.
  • You can also try out some great Dynamat alternatives if you’re having trouble finding it online or at your hardware store.

The Lizard Skin sound deadening spray compares just as well as the Dynamat, especially if you’re in a budget.

  • The contest also reveals that Lizardskin sound control is close to earning its champion title and a worthy investment.
  • Not a lot of negative stuff can be said against it because frankly, there’s none.
  • Lizard skin’s easy spray-on application makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for a quick and easy fix.

At the end of the day, do remember that this spray ranks well at insulating both heat and sound, just like the Dynamat Xtreme. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which sound deadeners you want.


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