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10 Quiet Pets For Apartments and Small Homes

Silent Home Hub Quiet Pets

There’s no denying that pets make good companions.

There’s just one drawback: they can be loud.

We’ve had dogs in apartments, condominiums, and houses, and people complained about all kinds of noise.

And it’s not just our neighbors disturbed by noise. Many of us want to work and study in peace, too.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a pet at all. We listed down 10 low-maintenance, quiet pets you can consider getting no matter where you live!

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10 Quiet Pets to Consider to Give Peace to Your Neighbors

1. Fish

You and your kids can’t cuddle with them or play around with a fish tank in the backyard, but they are pleasant to be around.

Needs vary from one fish species to another, so do your research before getting a fish. You also need to research the best fish tanks and aquarium filters that operate quietly.

You can have fun decorating the fish tank, setting up the water filter, and feeding them every day. A fish doesn’t require much of your attention and are absolutely silent. They’re even relaxing to look at in your house or apartment!

You can also start with a fish to see if you can handle pet ownership. Can you keep up with a schedule? Can you recreate the best conditions for your fish in their tank?

If you feel like you can handle more commitment than a fish, read on for the rest of our pet suggestions below!

2. Turtles

Let’s continue in the same vein as aquatic pets. Turtles are cute and are some of the best low-maintenance pets, too!

Aside from being completely silent, turtles have unique personalities. You need to have a variety of food available to keep them healthy and growing.

However, you’ll need enough space so they can live comfortably.

Backyards, gardens, or balconies are great for most turtles. You also need to consider that these creatures live for a long time.

Unless you can guarantee that you can keep a turtle for a long time, this might not be the best option for you.

3. Guinea Pigs

Want something soft and furry to cuddle? Guinea pigs are here! Most of them are easily tamed, readily available, and are animals that children will love.

They’re quiet pets, but they may squeal or wheel a lot. So, you won’t receive complaints from your neighbors, but you may wake up from a nap.

One of the most significant considerations before you get guinea pigs, is their cages. You need plenty of room for these animals!

Guinea pigs can live for several years, so they’re also a long-term commitment.

If a few of these pets are enough for you, make sure you keep same-sex pairs. You don’t wake up to an entire litter one day — unless your neighbors are ready to take many of them in.

4. Hamsters

Since we’re going down the line of cute, furry pets, hamsters are up next.

Hamsters are cuddly and fit for all kids and families! You can easily bypass no-pet-allowed laws in most apartments or condominiums with hamsters.

Hamsters are clean and easily maintained! They’re small enough and won’t make that much noise — until they get on their exercise wheel.

A hamster on an exercise wheel can get noisy, but it’s nowhere near the disturbance a dog’s continuous barking makes in an apartment.

Hamsters just need a cage, enough food, water, an exercise wheel, and hay. A thing you need to keep an eye out for their cage — they’re great escape artists!

You should also reconsider getting a hamster if you already have other companion animals in your house or apartment.

Your cat and your hamster may appear to get along with each other until either of them turns up dead. Considering their sizes, it won’t be your cat that’s the victim!

5. Rats, Chinchillas, and Mice

A lot of people cringe when thinking about rats, mice, and other rodents as pets, but hear us out in this one.

Let’s go through the rodent family with rats and mice. Both are quickly taken care of, and they’re nocturnal animals, too.

If you have a busy workday and live alone, you can leave your pets without any worry. They might just be waking up when you return!

For a family, rats may be more appropriate. They like the comfort of being with their owners, while mice are more high-strung.

Most carry diseases and transmit them to people, so you have to do your research. You also want to make sure you have enough room for them.

You can keep a pair of rats or a group of them, but you might want to segregate by sex. Baby rats are quicker to come up than you realize.

Just give them enough food, space, and nesting. These babies are quiet and can fit in your apartment!

6. Gerbils

We wrap up the rodent family with some of the cutest animals! A gerbil is social, active, and won’t make much noise. It’s best if you get a pair of these creatures so they won’t be as solitary.

You just need to make sure they get a proper diet. Most kids will love feeding these cute animals, but you have to keep a close watch. They’re fragile to handle!

Most will make noise if put in a cage where they can chew through the bars. Provide them with a proper cage and chewing toys. Escaping won’t be a problem.

7. Rabbits

Rabbits are great — as long as you get the right breed. They love spending them both outside and inside the house. Your kids will definitely love chasing these animals around!

Rabbits love to socialize, whether with humans or their own species. Make sure to give them enough playtime, chewing toys (for their teeth health), and a proper diet.

A rabbit may require a lot of grooming, but this depends on the breed.

There are many types of rabbits out there that you can research. Make sure you get a rabbit that fits your needs! They won’t make too much noise otherwise.

Like with other pets we’ve mentioned, try to keep the same sex in your place. Rabbits will procreate quickly!

8. Lizards and Geckos

We dive back into reptiles this time around. House geckos and lizards won’t make noises at all! They’re not the cuddliest creatures, but they’re still good pets to have around loved ones.

Your kids don’t have to be afraid of them. While quiet, some species are friendly and gentle to humans. Some of these reptiles will vocalize every now and then, but they’ll be completely quiet otherwise.

Depending on the size of your lizard and gecko, a cage is a top priority. A cage is a must for both types to climb around the area. You have to source suitable food options and customize temperature and humidity, too.

Leopard geckos, common house geckos, iguanas, bearded dragons, and long-tailed lizards are only some of the most common lizard pet options.

9. Ferrets

Ferrets are quiet, affectionate, and very playful.

They won’t take up as much room, so ferrets are perfect for an apartment! They’re not a typical pet option, but they can be litter-trained! You only have to take them out for exercise every now and then.

While having a pair of ferrets isn’t required, they’re sociable and will appreciate another animal when you’re not around. They’re active, but most will still sleep away the day. If you train a ferret enough, you can leave them be for hours.

They might vocalize, but it won’t be frequent or make a lot of noise.

Have we mentioned that they’re some of the cutest pets you can get? Your kids will love them!

10. Cats

Cats get a negative reputation for being too snobbish, and you might need a certain personality to be really into them. Still, many cats are affectionate pets you can keep in an apartment. A cat isn’t as needy as a dog and is much cleaner, too.

Cats are content to stay indoors. You can leave them in your house if you need to go out for work, entertainment, or time off with your friends. Cats respect your personal time and won’t cling to you.

Cats are clean freaks by nature. Most cats won’t get on your case to go for long walks as dogs do. Litter boxes are enough!

And if you ever have some pests around your house, you can trust cats to do their job. After all, cats are skilled hunters. Just don’t be surprised to find a dead rat by your rug!

Are Dogs Not Advisable As Quiet Pets?

One thing to keep in mind for dogs is that you can’t stop them from barking. It’s their nature and way of communicating. Getting a dog means reconciling with the fact that the sound of their barking will make noise.

However, you can socialize, domesticate, and train your dog. You also have to make sure your dog gets enough exercise, has lots of toys, and has some space to roam around.

Of course, not all dogs require a lot of exercise, but most of them do. So that’s also something to consider.

You can also get entirely different breeds to reduce noise. It won’t completely eliminate barking, but it’s enough to reduce disturbance.

To make sure your neighbors don’t complain, you can also look into all types of soundproofing options for your place.

Whether it’s getting curtains, acoustic panels, window films, or a soundproof dog crate, soundproofing some areas can reduce noises in and out of the house.

Getting a dog is a dream for a lot of people, and dogs fit most people’s personality too. So, if you have a personality that fits the companionship and care that dogs provide, be sure to take the necessary steps to reduce that barking noise!

With some proper maintenance and effort, you can still enjoy some peace and quiet with these furry creatures.

Some Considerations for Any Kind of Animal Lover

Before you get a pet, quiet ones or otherwise, there are some considerations you need to think about.

Having a pet is a big responsibility no matter what animal you choose to take into your life. So, ask yourself the following questions:

How’s Your Budget?

Number one: Your pet budget.

All pets require a certain level of attentiveness.

You can’t feed them the same diet most humans can take in, so you need to think about their food first. You also need cages or crates, toys, nesting, and plenty of exercise.

The latter means plenty of time investment. You also have to consider veterinary medicine in case they get sick.

What’s the Source?

Adopt, don’t shop. However, some are exotic and need to come from a breeder. You can also make sure you get the type of animal you want.

Check where your pet comes from and how domesticated and socialized the pet is before adopting them.

Have You Done the Research?

Many owners neglect this part.

Here’s the thing: whatever pet you get, you have to be prepared for different temperaments, diseases, and dietary restrictions.

All of this is only possible through research.


Pet rabbit on woman's shoulders

Quiet pets are more than possible! Many of us don’t want to disturb our neighbors or be disturbed ourselves. You can happily own a pet without worrying about sound.

We hope you enjoyed this list and are ready to adopt your own quiet pet!


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