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5 Best Soundproof Wallpapers for Your Room

Silent Home Hub Soundproof Wallpapers

Are you looking to have some peace and quiet in your apartment, home office, or baby’s room? Is the amount of traffic noise around your home too distracting for you?

One of the BEST methods to prevent all this outside noise coming into your room is by using soundproofing material.

These soundproof wallpapers, also known as acoustic wallpaper, will make sure that you will be able to focus on your task at hand!

Most Budget-Friendly
Burdurry Acoustic Foam Panels
Best Overall
Arthome 3D Brick Sticker
Best in Soundproofing
Bubos Acoustic Wallpaper Panels
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Our Picks for the Best Soundproof Wallpapers

One of the most effective and cheap soundproofing methods for any space is by using soundproofing wallpaper. Once installed, it’s a product that will reduce noise in ANY home.

If you’re one of the people looking for more peace and quiet in your home, don’t worry.

There are a lot of soundproofing wallpaper brands out there for effective noise reduction.

Here are the BEST soundproofing wallpapers for your room!

1. Arthome 3D Brick Sticker

Best Overall

Arthome 3D Brick Sticker

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 30.3 in. (l) x 27.2 in. (w) x 0.32 in. (h)
  • Comes with its own self-adhesive
  • 10-20 pieces in 1 pack
  • Made from: PE Foam

The Arthome 3D Brick Sticker is a soft soundproof wallpaper because of its PE Foam material.

The material and the thickness of these soundproofing panels provide:

  • Good thermal insulation AND sound-deadening.
  • The material of the Arthome Brick Sticker is also waterproof, making the foam wallpaper easy to clean if there are any unwanted spills or dirt on your wall panels.

This soundproofing wallpaper is like a brick wall sticker. It has a brick wallpaper design that can fit any room. It’s very simple, but it looks natural and can look good even in the living room!

This wallpaper also comes self-adhesive on its back which makes for an easier installation process.

You just have to stick the wallpaper into your panel in order to install it. Neat, right?

You also don’t have to worry about making mistakes because the adhesives make the wallpaper easy to peel and stick.

The Arthome Brick Sticker is also customizable.

Because Arthome is very soft, you can cut and install it in any way you want.

You can also buy the Arthome wallpaper in either the 10 in 1 pack or the 20 in 1 pack.

  • So if you only want to put up soundproofing wallpapers in only 1 wall panel in your room, you can get the 10 in 1 pack.
  • If you want to put up a soundproof wallpaper in more than 1 wall panel, you can get the 20 in 1 pack.

Is the Arthome 3D Brick Sticker the Best for You?

If you want the best mix of effectiveness, style, and practicality, this is the best option for your wall panels.

It can do everything sound-resistant wallpapers need to do and more! It’s the most functional wallpaper out there!


  • Easy to install (peel and stick)
  • Easy to design/cut
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent fire-resistance
  • Offers 20 per pack


  • Can be expensive for homes with big wall panels

2. Burdurry Acoustic Foam Panels

Most Budget-Friendly

Burdurry Acoustic Foam Panels

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 12 in. (l) x 12 in. (w) x 1 in. (h)
  • Grooved black texture
  • 50 pieces in 1 pack

The Burdurry is very unique compared to the other decent soundproof wallpaper brands on this list.

The dimensions of the Burdurry is smaller than the usual wallpaper, but the quantity it offers more than makes up for its size.

You can buy 1 order of Burdurries and the whole pack will be able to fill up all the space in any wall.

Though these soundproofing panels are not that appealing to look at, they’re PERFECT for soundproofing rooms in your apartment, home, or office.

The thick and bulky panels they have are effective in noise reduction, while the grooves they have are the perfect pattern for reducing sound waves in your room.

Because these panels are not as light as paper, it is hard to install them on your wall. You would have to use spray or paint adhesives to stick them to your wall.

Are the Burdurry Acoustic Panels the Best for You?

Installing the Burdurry is the best means for sites that need to soundproof a room for a recording. If you prioritize function over style, the Burdurry is the best soundproof wallpaper for you!


  • Most budget-friendly


  • Can be hard to wash
  • Not the best for home decor
  • Difficult to install
  • Not the best to install in living rooms

3. Bubos Acoustic Wallpaper Panels

Best in Soundproofing

Bubos Acoustic Wallpaper Panels

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 12 in. (l) x 12 in. (w) x 0.4 in. (h)
  • Various colors and designs
  • Dense foam

The most IMPRESSIVE quality about this foam wallpaper is its sound insulation.

Bubos boasts that its foam is made out of highly dense polyester material. The material is so dense that Bubos claims it is 10x better than other brands that sell acoustic panels to reduce noise.

But soundproofing isn’t the ONLY thing Bubos offers.

It also offers various colors and designs that help it look more appealing on any wall panel. You can choose a plain color or any of the designs Bubos offers for your panels.

Unfortunately, Bubos does not come with its own self-adhesive. You’ll have to buy double-sided tape to properly install this foam panel.

Are the Bubos Acoustic Wallpaper Panels the Best for You?

If you’re the type of person who wants to build an accent wall in your home, this wallpaper is for you.

Its dense foam also makes it much more effective compared to other brands.

The various designs available also make sure your rooms look stylish. Rest assured, you can sleep better at night if you install Bubos on your walls!


  • Very effective at soundproofing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can look good in any home


  • Small size
  • Offers only 6 pieces per package
  • No self-adhesive; needs double sided foam tape for installation

4. YTATT Brick Wall Sticker

YTATT Brick Wall Sticker

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 23.62 in. (l) x 23.62 in. (w) x 0.29 in. (h)
  • Comes with own adhesive
  • Made from: PE Foam

The YTATT Brick Sticker and the Arthome 3D Brick Sticker are very similar to each other in terms of features.

Like the Arthome 3D Brick Sticker, the YTATT Brick Sticker is a soft soundproofing wallpaper.

The material it uses is also PE Foam, which is:

  • Good for heat insulation and sound absorption. This makes the YTATT one of the BEST wallpapers in soundproofing rooms. The soft material also makes it customizable. You just have to cut the foam wallpaper to your liking and then install it to your any of your walls. 
  • The materials used for the YTATT Brick Stickers are also waterproof and odorless. This makes it easier for soundproof wallpaper maintenance. You don’t have to worry too much about your wall panels stinking up your rooms in the long term!

The YTATT Brick Sticker is a white brick wallpaper sticker. It has a simple design that would look good in any room.

Like the Arthome 3D Brick Sticker, this soundproof wallpaper is also easy to install.

Because of the adhesives it has, you can just peel and stick this wallpaper on your walls as your wall panels. It won’t take you more than a couple of hours to do!

Are the YTATT Brick Wall Stickers the Best for You?

The YTATT is one of the best brands for your wall panels. Its functionality can match that of the best soundproof wallpaper, Arthome.

The only negative trait about the YTATT is its dimensions. It is a bit smaller than the Arthome’s, which is what makes this the 2nd best option for any soundproofing wallpaper.


  • Easy to install (peel and stick)
  • Easy to design/cut
  • Waterproof
  • Odorless


  • Harder to fit into bigger wall panels
  • Offers only 6 pieces per package

5. Masione 3D Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Masione 3D Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 30.32 in. (l) x 27.56 in. (w) x 0.33 in. (h)
  • Comes with own adhesive
  • Realistic brick wallpaper design

The Masione is one of the best soundproofing foam products in the market right now.

Like the Arthome, these acoustic wallpapers are made from PE foam, which is effective at sound absorption. The PE foam also makes it easy for users to cut and design their wallpaper however they want.

The Masione also has a simple brick design, which can look good in almost any room or wall.

Masione mentions their soundproofing wallpaper is waterproof. Like other products with this feature, this means the Masione will be easy to maintain.

Make sure you’re careful in installing your foam wallpaper on your wall though. The seams of the Masione are recognizable if you don’t install it properly. This can cause your wall panels to look distracting and unattractive.

Are the Masione 3D Self Adhesive Wallpapers the Best for You?

The Masione is a  good option for your home, but it does not have more features than most panels.

It will look good on your panels and it will be good at lessening the amount of background noise, but it will not offer anything else.

This product will be perfect for anyone looking for a simple brick wallpaper option to fancy up their living rooms.


  • Easy to install (peel and stick)
  • Easy to design/cut
  • Waterproof
  • Fire-resistant


  • Can be expensive for homes with big wall panels
  • Seams can ruin the look of your wall
  • Will take out the paint of your wall if you decide to remove it

How Do Soundproof Wallpaper Panels Work?

The main function of sound-proofing wallpapers is to absorb sounds in a room. The multiple layers these wallpaper panels provide is the MAIN SOUNDPROOFING ELEMENT that helps with sound-absorbing.

To lessen the sound in a room, you have to soften the wall to dampen the sound that enters or bounces through. This is exactly what soundproof wallpaper panels do!

If you’re familiar with soundproof paint, it also tries to do the same thing. Compared to regular paint, soundproof paint is made THICKER and DENSER, which is why using soundproof paint on your walls will help with noise reduction.

Why Use Soundproof Wallpaper?

There are 3 main reasons why you should use and buy soundproof wallpaper:

  • Noise reduction
  • Change the look of a room
  • Safety and protection

Peace and Quiet

The main reason why you would buy soundproof wallpaper is to absorb sounds in a room.

Noise coming from outside your home will not affect your focus anymore if these are on your wall.

If you’re blasting loud music or playing with instruments, soundproof wallpaper will also help dampen sounds inside your room.

It also helps you block noise from loud neighbors or lessen the noise from a noisy roommate!

These are some benefits you can keep in mind!

Change the Look of a Room

Any kind of soundproof wallpaper comes with a design.

So if you don’t like the color of the paint in your living rooms, you can just put up these panels and your living room will look brand new!

Of course, some brands have more options than others.

But if you’re the type of person who wants to change the look of your room with minimal work, soundproof wallpaper should be a great option for you.

Safety and Protection

Safety and protection may not be the first thing you look for in soundproof wallpaper. But one fact remains, soundproof wallpaper is made out of fire-resistant and smoke-resistant materials.

What this means for sites with a lot of electric wirings like studios or home theaters is that there will be less risk if you have a soundproof wallpaper installed.

How Effective Is Soundproof Wallpaper Compared to Normal Wallpaper?

Soundproof wallpaper is a little bit different compared to normal wallpaper. You can see their differences in their:

  • Function
  • Material
  • Price
  • Installation


The main function of normal wallpaper is to cover the paint or current look of your room. Its lightweight design makes it INEFFECTIVE for soundproofing and is also flammable since it is paper.

That said, soundproof wallpaper is also able to cover the paint or current look of your room. But as explained earlier in this article, it is better at soundproofing and protecting your home.


Normal wallpaper uses paper that’s heavier than writing paper; however, it is still light and not as durable.

Soundproof wallpaper has more layers than normal wallpaper.

The layers include adhesive, foam, and paper. The foam is the most essential part of the wallpaper. This is because its softness is able to prevent the reflection of sound.

Soundproof wallpaper also sometimes has a bulky ridge. Again, this extra layer helps in sound absorption.


Because normal wallpaper has fewer layers and requires fewer parts, it is cheaper than soundproof wallpaper.

Though you can argue that the soundproof wallpaper is more worth it because of its functionality.

So choosing which wallpaper you will use will depend on what you need for your home.


Installation is just about the same for normal and soundproof wallpaper. For both products, you would have to use some sort of adhesive to install them.

For normal wallpaper, it is easier to install because it is lighter, so it can easily stick to any wall.

For soundproof wallpaper, it will vary. Some brands have adhesives on their product, while other brands need double-sided tape to install their product.

Final Thoughts

Man sitting on couch using laptop

Soundproof wallpaper is a USEFUL TOOL to use in your house.

If you’re struggling to stay focused because of the noise coming from in or out of your house, soundproof wallpaper is the best choice for you.

The layers these products have will be able to soundproof any room and help you focus on your task at hand!

The different brands of soundproof wallpaper also come in many different colors and designs. So your options in redesigning your room are abundant. These products are also easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about that as well!

It’s cheaper to buy, install, and maintain compared to other options like curtains and dividers.

If you’re ready to have a noise-free life, our top recommendation is the Arthome 3D Brick Wall. Its functionality and elegant design make it our top option if you’re looking for the best soundproof wallpaper!


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