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5 Best Soundproofing Door Sweeps for Homes & Apartments

Silent Home Hub Soundproofing Door Sweeps

Perhaps you want to play loud music in your room at 3 am, or maybe it’s your neighbor making a racket and disturbing your peace.

Well, the solution to consider is to soundproof your room. This can give you the personal space that you need.

BUT, it’s not that simple.

One part people often overlook is the space on the bottom of their door.

If a soundproof door is your goal, then what you need is a soundproofing door sweep.

Best Value
Evelots Draft Stopper Door
Best Overall
M-D Building Products Commercial Grade Door Sweep
Best Budget Pick
Frost King Wide Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweep
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5 Best Soundproofing Door Sweeps and Draft Stoppers

Maybe you’re not too D.I.Y. savvy and would rather buy door sweeps or draft stoppers.

If you’re not sure which sweeps to get, this list has all you need to come up with a decision.

All of these door sweeps are pretty simple to use and have easy installation processes. We’re sure at least one product below will fit your soundproofing needs!

First, here are key differences between door sweeps and draft stoppers:

  • Door sweeps are a bit more difficult to install, mainly because they are more or less permanent fixtures. But other than that, they’re discreet and won’t budge.
  • Draft stoppers are great because they don’t require screws to fasten on. Draft stoppers are also made of materials that are great for sound absorption.

Without further ado, it’s time to take a look at the sweeps you may want to get for soundproofing!

1. M-D Building Products 68247 Commercial Grade Door Sweep

Best Overall

M-D Building Products Commercial Grade Door Sweep

This is the best, top-rated door sealing product we found.

These door sweeps have two main parts: an aluminum part and a rubber part.

These aren’t as easy to install as draft stoppers, but they can be worth the slight inconvenience if you’re looking for one of the best soundproofing solutions for your door!

While it is more soundproof, it also can make scraping sounds on the floor. However, this means that the space under the door is covered well.

This product is great for someone who wants an inconspicuous door sweep and wants something permanent. This is also great if you would prefer a rigid rubber strip.


  • Around 36 inches long and can cover gaps around 3 to 4 inches high
  • Greatly protects from draft moisture, dust, and insects
  • Simple to use, and you can easily trim off any excess material


  • Rigid rubber design can cause scraping sounds

2. Evelots Draft Stopper Door

Best Value

Evelots Draft Stopper Door

This draft stopper stops the draft from both sides. It has magnets inside its casing, and it’s also weather-resistant!

It is 36 inches in length; however, it’s not advisable to cut this any shorter.

Unlike rubber door seals, this draft stopper is not a permanent fixture.

This is compatible with all floor types as it can easily slide across different surfaces like carpet or hardwood.

This draft stopper has double-sided protection that can easily block fumes, air, and sounds. It is an excellent way to soundproof your room.

This is great if door soundproofing is your main purpose, as it completely covers the area under doors, leaving no gap for sound to go through.

The double-sided protection helps absorb any sound passing through doors. So you can be sure this is an effective soundproof door sweep and draft stopper!


  • Compatible with all floor types
  • Two-sided protection leaves no air gaps
  • Magnet features make it easy to stick


  • Cannot adjust the size
  • Not a permanent fixture

3. Frost King Wide Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweep

Best Budget Pick

Frost King Wide Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweep

Frost King is similar to the M-D Door Sweep.

It’s around 3 inches in length and 2 inches wide. Unlike our previous example, you can cut these door sweeps to size if needed.

Most of all, it’s budget-friendly and costs LESS THAN $15.

Other great qualities include:

  • Has various colors and sizes to choose from and is available in either vinyl or aluminum.
  • Made of quality aluminum with top-notch strength and durability.
  • Has pre-drilled holes on it you can use to screw it on. Its quick and easy installation guarantees the soundproof door sweep remains inconspicuous and protected.

This product is great for those who want soft rubber seals.

This rubber seal is suitable for almost anything like uneven floors and uneven door sills, as the soft rubber part can adjust to a curve on the floor.

It’s also a permanent installation, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this could be for you.


  • You can cut it to the dimensions you want
  • Budget-friendly
  • Incredible strength & durability
  • Works even for uneven flooring
  • Fast, easy installation


  • Soft rubber seals might not be what you’re looking for
  • Permanent installation might not be what you want

4. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

This adjustable silicone draft stopper provides easy installation and is water-resistant. The heavy-duty silicone also gives it a snug fit. The bottom seal is easily removed or attached.

To install it, you just have to peel off the backing and stick it on the doors you want to have rubber door seals.

Compared to the other rubber door seals and draft stoppers on this list, this one is the simplest to install, as it doesn’t need screws.

This is good for someone who likes the design of rubber door seals but can’t afford a permanent fixture.

This is an innovative draft stopper since it doesn’t need to be screwed on, but it still functions the same way as a rubber seal.

It brings the best part of draft stoppers and rubber door seals in one package!

This would be great for your soundproofing needs, as the material can help block any commotion from outside your doors.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy installation like rubber seals
  • Snug and tight fit
  • Ideal for someone who cannot afford a permanent fixture


  • Not as effective as a door sweep

5. DeeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper

DeeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper

Unlike the Evelots Draft Stopper, DeeTool MAN is one-sided. This has high-quality fabric and sturdy Styrofoam, which helps it to glide smoothly across the floor.

This draft stopper blocks out light, dust, insects, and uses a strong adhesive backing, with a Velcro fastener to keep it in place.

The Velcro fastener makes this draft stopper unique compared to other draft stoppers on this list, so that’s also a plus.

These draft stoppers are easy for anyone to install, easy to replace when it gets worn out, and easy to maintain.


  • Great option for noise reduction
  • Strong adhesive also blocks light, dust, and other particles
  • Easy installation


  • One-sided design may not be as effective as two-sided products

What Are Door Sweeps?

Usually, doors have a space on the bottom, and this space leaves your home open to bugs and dust.

Other than cleanliness, someone may want to use this to soundproof an area of your house or to keep cold or warm air in.

Soundproof door sweeps basically cover this space and helps you with these needs.

Different Types of Door Sweeps

It’s essential to know the different types to arrive at the best decision for your situation.

Here’s what’s important: the installation processes make a big difference in which type of soundproof door sweeps you should get.

If you’re willing to make permanent changes to your door, you may want to consider rubber door sweeps.

Now, if you’re too tired to screw anything to the bottom of the door, you may want to go for door draft stoppers.

1. Hard or Flexible Rubber Door Seals

Hard or Flexible Rubber Door Seals

These rubber door seals are made from an aluminum part and a rubber strip. Rubber seals can either be the hard or the flexible type. This has a metallic strip, which is screwed to the bottom of the door.

The hard rubber door seals are a bit more soundproof than the soft ones.

A rubber door seal looks better, as it is just straight down. It’s inconspicuous and only takes a bit of space. However, it’s a more or less PERMANENT fixture.

How to Install a Rubber Seal

So you decided on getting a rubber seal, but you’re not quite sure how to install it?

Fear not; this is a quick guide on the installation process!

First of all, you will need the following items:

  • A drill
  • A screwdriver
  • Screws (This most likely comes with the product)

Once you have everything, here’s what to do:

  1. Fit the seal on the bottom of your door
  2. Mark out where the holes are with a marker
  3. Drill small holes on the area that you marked
  4. Screw the seal on with the screwdriver and screws

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully installed your rubber door seal.

2. Door Draft Stoppers

Door Draft Stopper

Unlike the previous rubber door sweep, this soundproof draft stopper doesn’t need to be attached to your door with screws. You simply just place it under your door.


Draft stoppers have two cylindrical sides, usually made of foam or something that will absorb the sound waves well.

While you can buy this, if you’re crafty enough, you can make them yourself as well.

These types of door sweeps are the easiest to install, don’t require permanent alteration, and are excellent at noise reduction.

How to Install a Draft Stopper

The installation process for draft stoppers is actually pretty simple.

It doesn’t require any permanent fixtures or drilling. You won’t need any additional items, just the draft stopper.

In fact, it is quite a stretch to say that there is an installation process for draft stoppers.

What you’ll want to do is simply slide it under your door for draft stoppers that cover both sides.

For those that use adhesives, you’ll want to stick it on. Same with magnets, you’ll need to attach the magnetic clips, and you’re good to go!

(If only life’s problems were this easy, right?)

How to Make Draft Stoppers

Maybe you want a personalized draft stopper, or none of the draft stoppers in the market suit your taste.

Maybe you just want something cute and personalized.

Or maybe, you have an odd-sized door. Well, fear not! Making a draft stopper is simple enough to do.

You can easily make draft stoppers out of items like:

  • Old thick cloth, like your old denim jeans
  • Rice (yes, we were surprised too)
  • Any heavy stuffing materials
  • Some needle and thread
  • and fabric glue

There are many tutorials online, but what you would want to do is sew a long piece of cloth and stuff it with something heavy, like rice.

You can then put it against your door to act as a D.I.Y. draft stopper.

If you’re crafty enough, you can even make two and connect them with a piece of cloth so you can have a draft stopper that covers both sides of the door.

Why You Should Get Door Sweeps

There are many reasons why you may want to get one for yourself:

  • To keep noise in or out of your room or any part of your house
  • Keep dust out
  • Keep the cold air or warm air in

While doors by themselves are usually fine, they aren’t soundproof, and dust can easily travel in the slightest bit from the outside.

It’s also a product useful to keep out fumes from entering. So if you live in a polluted area, this can keep the air inside your house clean.

How Do Door Seals Work to Reduce Noise?

Sounds travel by air, and adding a layer under your door would close the air gap under the door. This blocks soundwaves from entering or exiting the room.

While it won’t completely soundproof a door, it is definitely an essential step to take when soundproofing it.

What to Consider When Choosing Door Sweeps

When shopping for draft door sweeps, there are a few things to consider.

1. Gap

Check how big the gap on the door bottom is. This determines the dimensions you need for your door sweeps or draft stoppers. This applies even if you’re using another type of product.

2. Width

The width of your doors tells you how big the door sweep should be.

If you have a narrow door, you may have to cut your door sweeps shorter before installing it. If you have a wider door, wider door sweeps are your best option.

However, you can’t cut every product, so make sure you get one that either fits or can be cut.

3. Whether You Can Make Permanent Changes

Some door sweeps need to be screwed to the door. Others just need to be stuck on or placed underneath. You need to consider what kind of modifications you’re willing to make with your door.

4. Design and Personal Preference

Some people want a more discreet soundproof door sweep, while others wouldn’t mind a product that looks bulky for function or not having to make any permanent changes.

5. Reviews

Of course, check reviews of the product you are planning to buy. Finding something with many reviews and a high rating is likely to be a good product.

Other Weatherstripping Products

These are some other ideas on weather-stripping, and you can get really creative with these!

You can use foam products or even old clothes to close the air gap.

If you don’t want to worry about finding the best weather-stripping tape on the market, the best weather-stripping tape for your budget, or the best weatherstripping products all-around, these alternatives are good options to try out!

V-Strip or Tension Seal

This is a V-shaped piece of metal you can place in the air gap under the door. This product would spring open to bridge the gaps.


Felt rolls are also suitable as a substitute for weather-stripping tape and other weatherstripping products.

You just cut it into your desired length and attach it with nails or staples. This makes a seal similar to a rubber door seal that can help fill the air space or gap between the door and the door frame.

Tubular Rubber, Vinyl, or Silicone

These materials work effectively and similarly to weatherstripping tape. You can put them on the door-bottom.

You can easily stick this or screw it to your door. Rubber seals are a great alternative to a rubber door sweep and weatherstripping tape.

You can also put these products on the sides, helping fill the air gap between the door and the door frame.

Should I Get a Storm Door Instead?

Instead of contemplating the types of products for weather stripping you can buy, you might just want to get a storm door.

Storm doors are additional doors you add outside of your main door. It allows you to leave your main door open to let sunlight in while keeping bugs out of your house.

These block out the dirt better than rubber door seals.

Whether you should get this door really depends on you. While they can keep unwanted things out, it does NOT provide soundproofing whatsoever.

In our opinion, we would go for storm doors for the entry doors of the house and door sweeps for the doors between rooms.

So if we wanted to make noise, we could do so in our room. AND we get the best of both worlds!

What Else Can I Do to Keep Noise From Passing Through the Door?

Other than weatherstripping products and using door sweeps, there are other ways to keep noise from going through your door.

These are all good solutions to add on top of your rubber door sweeps.

All of these would do especially well if you combined the rubber door seals with these other ideas.

1. Wooden Panel

If you’re willing to do some D.I.Y., you can get a wooden panel the same size as your door and attach it.

The type of wood you can get is plywood, which would be easier to work with.

Attaching it is easy, as all you need is a strong glue. It will also help if you add an extra layer of plywood.

2. Soundproofing Rubber

You can apply this rubber door seal around the whole perimeter of the door — even covering the air gaps on the sides, between the door and the door frame.

The best part? You can cover all of the air gaps, not just the bottom of your door.

3. Door Gasket

This is a more expensive option but works better than weatherstripping tape.

This is a self-adhesive door seal that fills the air gap between the door and frame. These are usually made out of high-quality neoprene. You can even get adjustable door gaskets to fit your door frame better.

4. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a step up from gluing a wooden panel to your door. They are also relatively affordable.

They come in a range of materials, but they are usually made out of foam products or wood fibers.

Acoustic panels reduce the amplitude of sound waves passing through the door. You can also quickly nail it to the door or use adhesive tape.

Acoustic panels are usually installed on walls, but you can stick them to your door too.

Final Words

Family of three sleeping on a bed

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two from this article and managed to find the best soundproof door sweep product for you!

Each product mentioned here can help solve your noise problem for your door. Whichever product you choose to get, just make sure you choose something appropriate for your needs.

But our personal recommendation has to be the M-D Building Products 68247 Commercial Grade Door Sweep.

There are also plenty of other ways to stop noise from going through your door. So combine those with the right door sweep, and you can easily keep noise in or out of your room!

After the installation of door sweeps, you won’t have to worry about disturbing or being disturbed by neighbors or housemates any longer!


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